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PhenQ vs PhenGold | Which is Better & EVIDENCE


If you’ve been reading my pieces, you can gather that I form all my reviews around the science. In a perfect world, the makers of a supplement have put all the right things, in all the right amounts, into a safe and effective fat burner. That’s been the case with PhenQ and PhenGold

But having two good things can be a dilemma. For instance, someone recently asked me, “Hey Sam. These might both be good, but which is better?” It makes sense. We all want to make sure we’re getting only the best in our bodies. So I put together this head-to-head comparison; let’s see who comes out on top!


  • Provides a totally unique ingredient, α-Lacys Reset.
  • Also includes a powerful, natural appetite suppressant, Nopal Cactus.
  • Rounds out formula with several proven thermogenics.


  • Reduces stress for improved hormone response and weight loss.
  • Three types of caffeine for extra energy and motivation.
  • Increases focus to help you stick to your diet and workout plan.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ has sat atop the weight loss supplement market for years, and they’ve earned that preeminence. One of their key ingredients is called α-Lacys Reset, a patented formulation of the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid and amino acid L-Cysteine. These two come together to form a powerful weight and fat loss ingredient, and forms the basis of PhenQ’s trusted formula. 

How it Works

By beginning with a-Lacys Reset, PhenQ is able to provide the trifecta of weight loss supplements: it burns sugars faster, curbs cravings, and even fuels actual fat-loss. Alpha-lipoic Acid (ALA) itself has been recognized as an effective weight management tool for years, but was thought to be too expensive for practical use. By pairing it with Cysteine, which increases its effect, PhenQ is able to bring all the benefits of ALA into everyone’s reach.

Pros & Cons of PhenQ


  • Actively helps boost metabolism.
  • Contains a proven appetite suppressant in Nopal Cactus.
  • No known side effects.
  • Unique ingredient, α-Lacys Reset, for results found nowhere else.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Only available from the PhenQ official site.
  • Nopal Cactus fiber may upset some sensitive GI tracts.

What is PhenGold?

PhenGold takes an approach to weight loss that’s at least as novel as the unique ingredient α-Lacys Reset. Instead of trying to find the next big thing in ingredients, PhenGold relies on the trusted science that better mood makes for better weight loss. To that end, PhenGold has 5 ingredients known to improve mood and focus, so you you can begin your weight loss from the neck up.

How it Works

Our stress hormone Cortisol and our weight have a direct relationship. By improving that response, PhenGold puts us in a better position to not only lose weight but also helps us keep it from coming back. In addition to that, there are ingredients like DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) that can give us the focus we need to stick to our work outs, and stay motivated in our dietary changes. 

Pros & Cons


  • Provides a holistic approach, taking our mood and focus into account.
  • Still has proven thermogenics like Capsaicin and Caffeine.
  • No known side effects.
  • Green Tea provides powerful catchethins to combat fat.
  • Three B-Vitamins for metabolic support.


  • High caffeine levels may be unsuitable for all people.
  • Doesn’t contain a fiber appetite suppressant.

Shared Ingredients

Okay, so that’s each one individually. Now let’s start the head-to-head. We’ll begin by looking at which ingredients they both have, that way you know what you’re getting whichever you pick.


Here they’re both on the right track, as far as we’re concerned at Bio-Bean. At over 200 mg each of Caffeine Anhydrous, PhenQ and PhenGold have recognized that caffeine can not only lead to greater weight loss, but that much of that weight lost is from actual, direct fat-burning. Not only are you getting a jolt of energy to tackle the gym, but internal thermogenesis as well. 


Though they each have this powerful fat-burner and appetite suppressant in different forms, the effect of both is the same. PhenQ has 100 mg of the patented Capsimax Powder, and PhenGold has 200 mg of straight Cayenne. The active ingredient in both is Capsaicin, which is what makes food spicy. It’s also proven to help curb appetite, and even better, burn fat through the Brown Adipose Tissue response

How They’re Different

With only those two ingredients in common, it’s fairly easy to see that PhenGold and PhenQ are dramatically different, indeed. Again, that largely owes to their separate approaches. PhenQ’s ingredients are wholly trained on our metabolic functions–how to eat less and burn more. PhenGold, as we’ll see, takes a markedly more mental approach.

What’s ONLY in PhenQ

α-Lacys Reset – 50 mg:

As we’ve covered, a version of ALA that’s so powerful and effective that it’s been trademarked! And I’ve only found it in PhenQ in such a potent dosage.

Prickly pear cactus – 40 mg:

A fiber long used by peoples of North and Central America, it’s a great appetite suppressant that can really give you the edge on cutting carbs.

Copper – 2 mg:

An essential mineral that not a lot of people talk about, it’s absolutely essential for lowering blood sugar, and may be missed when changing a diet for weight loss.

Chromium – 20 mcg:

Another mineral with multiple effects for weight loss, I recently wrote a full article about it here. Too long, didn’t read? Try this on it helping regulate insulin.

L-Carnitine – 300 mg:

Amino acids are the building blocks of life, as the old saying goes. But many people don’t realize fully what that means. I’ve got an article on it coming soon, but for now, just know that L-Carnitine can really make the difference on long-term fatigue from workouts.

What’s ONLY in PhenGold

Green tea – 500 mg:

Green Tea has both L-Theanine, a calming compound we’ll look at below, but also contains something called Catechins, a proven fat-burning chemical that improves the effects of workouts–even while resting!

L-Tyrosine – 300 mg:

Scientists have long-known about the relationship between stress and weight, and the recent lockdowns have only made that relationship more evident. So ingredients like L-Tyrosine, which helps us make dopamine, can be extremely helpful when managing weight. 

Rhodiola Rosea – 250 mg:

An herbal remedy for stress and focus, Rhodiola Rosea has had its days in the lab–and passed with flying colors! By helping you fight mental fatigue, it can help keep you on track to losing weight.

DMAE Bitartrate – 150 mg:

Yet another proven concentration booster, DMAE can keep you lasered in on workouts in the moment, and keep you keyed in on your goals long-term. 

L-Theanine – 250 mg:

This amino acid is the active “calming” agent in Green Tea; by adding yet more of it, PhenGold helps boost the stress-relieving aspects of the ingredients already present. 

Green coffee – 100 mg:

Using Green Coffee allows PhenGold to tap into more of the fat and sugar burning potential of this amazing bean, without giving you a system shock of jitters. 

BioPerine (95% Piperine) – 5 mg:

A sneaky-good ingredient to include in almost any supplement, the active compound here is Piperine, from black pepper. This helper-nutrient assists in maximizing your absorption of all the other ingredients in PhenGold. 

B-Vitamin Complex (B3, B6, and B12): 

Without proper B-Vitamins, our bodies can’t break down any nutrients into the forms our cells can use for energy. And sadly, when many of us diet we accidentally strip out essentials like vitamins. PhenGold helps with that by including three of the most important ones right there in the capsule. 

Wait, Are they Both Safe?

Yes and yes! And there aren’t any references to cite here because there are no reported side effects from either product, nor from their respective ingredients. The only two notes, as I mentioned above, are that the caffeine levels in PhenGold aren’t for everyone and the Nopal Cactus Fiber could disrupt sensitive digestive tracts. 

Verdict Is In!

First, we’ll offer a quick recap of what each is doing, and tell you who might want to choose one over the other.

PhenQ is Best for People Who: 

Are looking for a straightforward metabolic response. If you feel like you have plenty of motivation, you’re already slaying it in the gym, and you just need some cutting edge innovation, PhenQ is for you.

PhenGold is Best for People Who:

Are just now starting a weight loss journey, and they know they’re mood and mental state are standing in their way.

Because there can be only ONE!

I have to go with PhenQ. Their long track record of success really does speak for itself. Millions of bottle sold, thousands of satisfied customers, year after year, and an in peccable formula all mean that this product is in a class by itself. And this is no slight at PhenGold! I still highly recommend their product, but PhenQ does edge them out.



PhenQ is designed for everyone, no matter where you are on your weightloss journey. It can help someone who only needs to lose the last 15 pounds for their goal, and it can also be a giant help for folks just getting started.


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