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Best Appetite Suppressants 2024 | Most Effective Pills On The Market


As 2023 rolls on, many of us are looking to drop a few pounds. In fact, every year millions of us try to lose weight. Whether we try diet, exercise, or using supplements, our goals are generally the same. And given that so many diets are fads that we all have trouble sticking to, it makes sense we can all use a tip or two. 

We’ve previously led our readers through the research on most effective fat burners, supplements that can actually lead to burning calories right off our bodies. But in this article we’ll tackle another factor in weight loss–how to effectively, and safely, reduce our appetite.



Editor's pick

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

- Unique ingredient reduces cravings, aids weight loss.

- Powerful appetite suppressants and thermogenic effects.

- Number one choice for effective and safe weight loss.

Capsiplex Trim

most powerful

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

- Designed specifically for women's appetite control.

- Powerful appetite suppressant with Capsimax extract.

- Contains Chromium and L-Arginine for improved insulin sensitivity.


most natural

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

- Natural and effective formula made especially for women.

- Highest dose of Glucomannan for appetite suppression.

- Unique combination of ingredients for full-spectrum weight loss support.

1. PhenQ

Routinely making our best-of and Editor’s Picks lists, PhenQ has stood up to every level of scrutiny–including the first-hand trials of over 190,000 people. This success partly owes to the inclusion of its unique ingredient, α-Lacys Reset. Also known by its generic name, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), this helps us attack our weight loss on several levels. For our purposes, we can also rest assured, ALA helps reduce cravings for food.


As we noted above, PhenQ can help us reduce how often and how much we eat, and it does so through the mechanism of our hypothalamus. But its primary ingredient also acts as a full-facet weight loss aid. ALA helps us regulate our blood sugar–which provides another way to feel less hungry. In addition to ALA, PhenQ has a powerful anti-appetite fiber, the Nopal Cactus, and two thermogenic ingredients to help us burn through body fat.


  • Two powerful appetite suppressants.
  • Also works on our thermogenesis and mood.
  • No side effects or known medication interactions.
  • Unique ingredient not found in other appetite suppressants.


  • Contains caffeine so it might not be suitable for some of the more sensitive people.

Key Ingredients

α-Lacys Reset

I can’t say enough good things about this incredible compound. Found in no other product on this list, it helps safely reduce cravings for sugary foods, and helps with fat loss.

Nopal Cactus

Another proven appetite suppressant, its high fiber also helps us pass sugars and fats through our digestive tract more efficiently.

For a full list of PhenQ’s ingredients, check out our full review here.

Customer Reviews

Why it’s Number One

PhenQ is number one on this list for the same reasons it’s tops on other lists: it works. And it works well, safely, and quickly. All backed by a fully guaranteed money back promise that you’ll be satisfied. If you only have the time or money to try one supplement for weight loss, try PhenQ.

2. Capsiplex Trim

Even when a supplement contains similar ingredients to another, we should never assume they’re the same thing. Case in point, Capsiplex now makes an appetite suppressant just for women, called Capsiplex Trim (No worries, men, the Burn is still there for you.)

Capsiplex Trim focuses on reducing our cravings by fine-tuning our metabolism. In addition, Trim still has the industry-leading, proprietary extract of Cayenne pepper known as Capsimax to turbo charge your metabolism.


In previous research into fat-burning ingredients, you may recall reading that how our bodies react to blood-sugar and insulin have a huge impact on our appetite. For instance, if we eat sugar, but never use it as fuel, our bodies could crave more of it.

That’s what makes Capsiplex Trim such a game changer. The high level of Capsaicin in their Capsimax works as a natural appetite suppressant that also helps us literally melt fat away.


  • Designed just for women.
  • No fibers–no risk of feeling bloated.
  • Essential minerals to control cravings without sacrificing health.


  • Does contain caffeine, which might not be preferred by people with sensitivities.

Key Ingredients


In addition to Capsimax, Trim also contains a little-appreciated mineral, Chromium, with proven appetite control benefits. In study after study, taking Chromium reduces all food intake, especially carbs and fat.


Going back to our insulin resistance topic, the more sensitive we are to insulin, the better our appetite control. That’s where L-Arginine steps in. It has demonstrated a clear ability to sensitize us to insulin, helping us regulate our blood sugar naturally–without resorting to snacks.

Of course the full breakdown of their formula is available in our complete review.

Customer Reviews

Why it’s Number Two

At the Great Green Wall, we’re always on the lookout for improved formulas, especially if they’re targeted for specific demographics. We appreciate the fact that Capsiplex wasn’t happy with a one-size-fits-all approach. We appreciate even more that it works. Like PhenQ, it has a strong money-back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose–except weight.

3. Leanbean

For as long as I’ve been writing about supplements and fitness I’ve been trying to get people to try Leanbean. It’s a remarkable product that works in part for how simple it is–a natural, safe, effective formula that can help anyone.

It's not an overly complicated mix of unpronounceable ingredients, but a blend of natural elements that work synergistically to help you on your fitness journey. The safety aspect is a key selling point, ensuring you can trust what you're putting into your body. 


Leanbean works off the simple principle that the answers to a healthy body are already in nature. Marketed generally toward women, and that’s where most success stories come from, I’ve still had a few men have good results using it.


  • Highest dose of Glucomannan we’ve seen.
  • Unique combination of Cambogia, Acai, and Turmeric for full-spectrum weight loss support.
  • Zinc and Potassium to help replenish what you lose in exercise.


  • “Full Bundle” purchase required for money-back guarantee.

Key Ingredients


A big word for even bigger results. Taken from eth Konjac root, it’s been a staple health food in Asia for centuries, and it’s checked every box of scientific study–and yes, it’s also an incredible appetite suppressant.

Garcinia Cambogia

Primarily through use of its extract, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), this fruit works through our brain chemistry to turn off the craving for sugars, as shown in multiple studies.

Read the full evaluation of Leanbean’s formula here.

Customer Reviews

Why it Ranks

Leanbean is a consistent performer–it’s ingredients are in constant study, and they’ve held up every time to the rigors of scientific trial. Not to mention that it just plain works. Some users report their cravings decline in days, and there have never been any side effects reported.

4. Phen24

Phen24 uses an approach to health and wellness that, frankly, more people should embrace. Namely, that our bodies act differently when we sleep versus when we’re awake, and they need different nutrients for optimum performance. Weight loss is no different, so Phen24 has devised two separate supplements, one for waking, one for sleeping–both for optimum weight management.


The two primary benefits of Phen24 are split along the two lines of waking and sleeping. During the day, Phen 24 kickstarts your energy levels and metabolism–and then, at night, it helps quiet your stomach, calm your mind, and makes sure you can sleep through the night without any sleepwalking to the fridge.


  • Improves quality of sleep, so you wake feeling better rested–and less likely to crave a sugary breakfast.
  • Helps keep you asleep so we don’t wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Reduced appetite at night helps with intermittent fasting routines.


  • Works best with both supplements–meaning taking it twice a day.
  • Results aren’t as quick as some other products.

Key Ingredients

Phen24 uses Glucomannan in its night time formula as its primary appetite suppressant, but it also has Green Tea extract. Green Tea has been proven time and again to have calming effects, and it’s routinely associated with lower levels of body fat. The daytime regimen also contains a cravings-crusher, L-Phenylalanine, which you can read more about here.

Final Verdict

We don’t eat the same foods at night as during the day, and we don’t drink the same things–why would we take the same supplements? Phen24 takes our diurnal needs into account with two separate ingredient lists that both work–but work best together.

Customer Reviews

5. PhenQ PM

Our last entrant is PhenQ PM, and it’s actually made by the same people as our number one on the list, PhenQ. This supplement, however, doesn’t need to be taken with PhenQ, and can stand alone as a night-time metabolism booster and appetite suppressant.


Because it doesn’t need to be taken with a daytime supplement, you can take PhenQ PM with whatever routine you’re already on. Whether you’re taking a fat-burner you really like, and just want another edge, or you only want to take this one as a passive option, PhenQ PM won’t affect any other regimen you’re on.


  • Nighttime only formula; won’t interfere with any other supplements.
  • Works while you sleep, but works best with a daytime exercise routine.
  • Better sleep for better mornings.


  • Appetite suppression isn’t as active as in other supplements.

Key Ingredients

PhenQ PM doesn’t have an active appetite suppressant, per se. Unlike PhenQ with Nopal Cactus, or Capsiplex Trim with Capsaicin, PhenQ PM uses a formula rich in amino acids that help us process sleep hormones and suppress appetite hormones. All of which help us get a better sleep. There are active thermogenic compounds in PhenQ PM, so you’ll shred while you sleep, and wake up craving healthy foods, not junk.

Final Verdict

PhenQ PM is perfect for anyone who’s happy with their routine, in general, but wants a little something extra for the sleeping hours. If that sounds like you, and you don’t want to take anything away from what you’re doing during the day, PhenQ PM is for you.

Last Thoughts

The Golden Rule of Weight Loss is “Diet and Exercise.” But millions of us have already learned that it’s not about eating less, nor exercising more. It’s about doing both smarter. A good appetite suppressant doesn’t take away hunger–it helps you eat only what you need, and to stay away from foods that are killing your goals.

We worked hard on this list, finding only safe and effective appetite suppressants that can help get you to your best self. If you have questions or comments, please drop us a line–I love answering mail, and it helps us drive our research toward what you really want to know.

Best Fat Burner: PhenQ

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars





Are Appetite Suppressants Safe?

Generally, yes! More specifically, we rigorously vet every product we write about, and if something isn’t safe, we’ll tell you. If you’re ever unsure about the effects of a given supplement, take a bottle of it in to your next doctor’s visit.

How Quickly do Appetite Supplements work?

Sometimes in a few days. Sometimes not for a couple of weeks. It really depends on your brain chemistry and current eating habits. If you’re currently a once-an-hour snacker, it may take longer for a supplement to help curb those cravings.

How Much Appetite Should I Really Try Suppressing?

Honestly, that’s a question for you and your physician. If you’re very overweight, with proper vitamin and mineral support, you may be able to diet quite a bit. But remember, crash dieting is dangerous, and can lead to heart complications, as well as organ failure.

Can I Exercise Less with Supplements? 

Generally, no. There’s no replacement for a good exercise routine. That being said, if you or your doctor feel that you’ve been over-exercising, or if injuries have held you back recently, supplements may help keep you on track if you need to ratchet down your activity levels.


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