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Inno Shred Review 2024 | Efficacy, Side Effects & Top Alternatives


The sheer number of fat burners on the market can bewilder and confuse even the most savvy consumer. After all, how are we supposed to choose? All of the supplement websites have shredded people looking amazing holding up this or that bottle. And frankly, some of them look like they’ve never needed a diet or fat burner in their lives.

That’s why we at the Bio Bean rely on hard science, evaluating every supplement for ingredient integrity. Case in point, Inno Shred, from Inno Supplements. After someone sent me a question about some of its unique ingredients, I decided to go on a deep dive, and see how it compares to other top-rated products.

Inno Shred

Overall Rating: 3.0/5

  • Contain three types of caffeine. May cause issues with sensitive people.
  • Unique ingredient, Rauwolscine, may be misleading
  • Does not have an active appetite suppressant.

Who is Inno Sup?

Inno Sup manufactures a wide array of supplements, touting themselves as delivering fast results. They have everything from T-Boosters to Nail and Hair supplements, and most of their product line seems well-researched.

But digging deeper, it appears that they have focused perhaps a little too much on providing multiple types of supplement instead of offering one type and excelling at its execution. Like a wide net instead of spear fishing, you’re bound to end up with more fish, but is every fish worth it?

Pros and Cons


  • Only two capsules per serving.
  • Vegetarian friendly.
  • Lower cost alternative.
  • Contains two thermogenics.


  • Possible misrepresentation on their label (see ingredients!).
  • No appetite suppressant.
  • Three forms of caffeine may be overkill for some people.

Benefits of Inno Shred

Doctor Endorsed

It’s not worth everything, but it is worth something. Not only does Inno Shred have the endorsement of a doctor, but the doctor actually used the product. Most practitioners of Western Medicine are loath to use supplements, so the fact that this one did, and is promoting it, says quite a bit, indeed.

Two Forms of Thermogenics

As I’ve written about previously, some compounds are fully capable of stimulating the body’s ability to burn brown adipose tissue (BAT) even when we’re not exercising or in thermal extremes. By using Capsaicin and Grains of Paradise, Inno Shred seeks to capitalize on our BAT response.

Super Caffeinated

Which I know I listed as a “Con” up above. But the fact is, for some people, this is a selling point. I consult many people for whom a simple caffeine additive in their fat burner isn’t working, anymore. The two options for those folks are to go on a caffeine cleanse or find a product like Inno Shred.


Every supplement can be tailored to a specific type of person. That’s why we have best-of lists for men and women, and here are our Editor’s picks for three categories.

Best Overall: PhenQ

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

By using a unique ingredient, Lacys Reset, PhenQ can offer a low-caffeine fat-burner that delivers not only weight reduction, but even actual fat-burning, in some cases as quickly as in a month’s time.

  • α-Lacys Reset provides one-of-a-kind results.
  • Nopal Cactus for safe appetite suppression.
  • Capsimax for thermogenesis.
  • Just the right amount of caffeine.

Best for Women: Leanbean

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

We’ve been following Leanbean for a couple of years now, because they have two key ingredients specifically designed for women’ bodies and body chemistry. And of course, Leanbean really works.

  • Glucomannan to regulate appetite without upsetting digestion.
  • No caffeine anhydrous.
  • Acai Berry for antioxidants.

Best for Men: Capsiplex Burn

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Men and women’s bodies are different, and often time men and women want different things from their supplements. Capsiplex is designed to preserve muscle mass and liquidate fat. Unlike some other fat-burners, the goal with Capsiplex isn’t slimming down–it’s shredding.

  • High Caffeine for driven performers.
  • Active thermogenics target hard-to-lose fat.
  • Increases energy for intense workouts.

Ingredients in Inno Shred

Rauwolscine – 1 mg

Inno Shred’s website has a possible error, or at least a grave oversight. Their label lists Rauwolscine and in parentheses calls it Yohimbe. But then later, in their infographics, they list Alpha Yohimbine. To be clear–Yohimbe is the tree, Yohimbine is a chemical in the tree. Rauwolscine, which they list on their ingredients, is not Yohimbine. 

And that’s too bad. Because Rauwolscine has no known fat-burning applications. However, the other compound from the Yohimbe tree, Yohimbine does have great fat-burning potential–but even then only at 20 mg doses. In short, Inno Shred’s unique ingredient is the wrong one from the right tree, and in a dose 20 times lower than effective.

Green Tea Extract – 300 mg

It’s no surprise to find Green Tea in Inno Shred. Nearly every effective fat-burner has some form of Green Tea, or its derivative compound, called catechins. These complex chemicals have been found to not only supplement the energy from caffeine, but to actively stimulate weight loss.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid – 300 mg

Here’s our second deviation from normal fat-burner ingredients. Linoleic acids, or CLAs, are found in the muscle tissue of animals that chew cud (sheep and cows, usually). Some evidence does exist that it can aid in weight loss, though results aren’t consistent.

Green Coffee Extract – 300 mg

Back to the traditionals, Green Coffee is the exact same bean as what makes our espresso, only treated much differently. The roasting process that we all know and love also kills of certain plant compounds that, in Green Coffee, can have significant weight loss effects.

Organic Caffeine – 200 mg

While the amount of caffeine in Inno Shred is quite high, seeing straight caffeine isn’t rare at all. That’s because it’s a proven thermogenic, whose benefits appear to grow when combined with Green Tea.

Capsimax – 100 mg

Several studies have concluded that capsaicin, the active chemical in chilis that makes them spicy, is an effective fat burner. The chemistry is complex, but it can effectively help us burn fat, not just lose weight. These effects are most heightened when dieting. No wonder Capsaicin is found in PhenQ and Capsiplex.

Bitter Orange Extract – 50 mg

Most of our best rated fat burners don’t include any Bitter Orange extract. That could be because recent research has concluded that it does indeed raise heart rates, but that it does not mean better metabolism. If used as an appetite suppressant, our research prefers fibers like Glucomannan found in Leanbean.

Grains of Paradise – 25 mg

Grains of Paradise came across my radar when I was researching thermogenic ingredients for a reader. Japanese researchers have demonstrated that in people with low brown adipose tissue (BAT) activity, Grains of Paradise can actively increase their fat-burning potential.

Who is Inno Shred For?

Inno Shred is probably best for people who are already fit, and looking to really cut down on the last few pounds. That being said, many people who are looking to simply shred should go with a product like Capsiplex which doesn’t have filler ingredients or mislabeling.

Final Verdict

I don’t want to make it sound like Inno Shred doesn’t work–it may very well, and for a great many people. But because they don’t have an active appetite suppressant, and because of the labeling issue, I can’t give it a full endorsement. At the Bio Bean we’re hardcore about fitness and science. If a product can’t differentiate clearly for their consumer between two compounds of the same tree, we’ll have to keep our hands down.

Top Rated Fat Burner: PhenQ

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars





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