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Can Green Coffee Help with Weight Loss? | New Evidence & FACTS


As our website name may have told you, we strongly believe in the powers of the Coffee Bean. And we didn’t come by that belief because we’re just enamored of the taste. Coffee and Caffeine have been proven to help people lose weight and burn actual fat. Caffeine in any form can help you burn more energy, but the benefits can vary between Caffeine sources.

In a recent article I talked about some of those different benefits, and someone wrote in to ask me about the specific benefits of Green Coffee. Well, my email back to the person turned into this article. Enjoy!

Fast Facts:

  • Green Coffee retains more natural compounds than other forms of Coffee because it isn’t subjected the high temperatures of roasting.

  • Green Coffee also has less caffeine than roasted coffee, which means more antioxidants for less of a jolt.

  • While less caffeine means less thermogenic effect per mg, you gain back the benefits of something called Chlorogenic Acid, a proven weight loss compound.

  • Green Coffee is easy to fold into supplements without adding a ton of extra caffeine, making it ideal for complex formulas.

What is Green Coffee?

Green Coffee is, like its name implies, the exact same as a roasted Coffee bean, just without the roasting! Now, there’s a lot of conversation out there about which coffees have the most or least caffeine. But most coffee beans have the same amount of caffeine. The roasting simply affects the physical nature of the bean, making it more or less easy for the caffeine to come out when you process it.

For example, when a bean is heavily roasted, the sugars caramelize (giving it darker color), and the bean loses moisture. That means when you grind it up and pass water through it, the caffeine molecules are more readily carried away into your cup.

With Green Coffee, those caffeine molecules stay trapped by the moisture and uncaramelized sugar molecules of the bean. 

For reference, here’s a chemical assay of several types of coffee bean in two groups, roasted and unroasted. In Table 3 you can see the Caffeine contents are relatively the same. But in Table 4, you’ll see that Green Coffee retains over 9 times the Chlorogenic Acid. That’ll be important going forward.

How Green Coffee Works for Weight Loss

Green Coffee has multiple benefits for weight loss, stemming from two major chemicals present in it. One is Caffeine, the other is Chlorogenic Acid. In turn, each of them plays multiple roles in helping us control and lose weight. Let’s check the details.

The Caffeine, Of Course

Did you know Coffee has Caffeine? I’m joking, of course, but with all that I’ve mentioned that Green Coffee has less Caffeine, it’s important to remember that it’s still there. 

Caffeine supports our weight loss in three key areas: Metabolism, Thermogenesis, and Appetite Control. And while the effects from Green Coffee won’t be as strong as with Caffeine Anhydrous, the effects will still be there. 

Chlorogenic Acid

Now to the main event for Green Coffee. Because nearly every Caffeine supplement is derived from roasted Coffee Beans, and every other form of Coffee drink is from roasted beans, Green Coffee is the almost the only source for Chlorogenic Acid. But what does this stuff even do?

To start with, Chlorogenic Acid is a powerful antioxidant, which has anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties that can protect our internal organs. In addition to that, scientists have determined that in some studies where coffee helps with metabolism it was actually the Chlorogenic Acid regulating the blood sugar! And remember, Green Coffee has 9 times the Chlorogenic Acid as black coffee! So if a little bit of Chlorogenic Acid helps in black coffee, enough to help Diabetic patients, imagine how much more effect you could see in Green Coffee.

This has all been supported in studies where Chlorogenic Acid alone was able to improve how well people burn fat and sugar. For anyone trying to get the benefits of Coffee Beans into their weight loss routine without a ton of caffeine, this is game-changing news. 

How to Get More Green Coffee

Anyone who’s been in to a modern cafe has seen that Green Coffee is all the rage, now. Also referred to as “White Coffee,” or “Extra Light Roast,” these coffee beverages are a great way to get less caffeine, and more Chlorogenic Acid. But it can be an expensive way to go about it. Not to mention the time taken out of your busy day. Thankfully, there is an alternative approach.

Green Coffee in Highly Effective Supplements

If standing in line to pay over $5 for a cup of coffee you might not even enjoy drinking doesn’t sound appealing to you, good news. There are safe, effective, and affordable supplement options.

Option One is great for women; in fact, it’s specifically designed for them! It’s called Leanbean, and you can check out the full review here. The second one is great for all people. It’s called PhenGold and you can read more about it here.

Last Word

In the end, there’s really no downside to Green Coffee, and it really can help you with weight loss. Even better, it works on more than level, meaning there’s a greater chance it can work with your lifestyle and your fitness routine.

And if drinking a bunch of new beverages isn’t in the cards for you, you can simply check out one of the great weight loss supplements I mentioned above. Really, with Green Coffee, there are no wrong answers!


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