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Can Capsimax Help With Weight Loss? | Real Answers & EVIDENCE


I know it can get pretty confusing to see so many fat burners and appetite suppressants on the market. That’s why one of the goals at Bio-Bean is to simplify the science and make sure you’re getting the facts, not fluff. Taking that approach with Capsimax powder, we can start to see some really easy answers to the complicated problem of losing weight.

So let’s get right to it. No need to take notes, we’ll keep it all straightforward and easy to relate to. If you want to click through the links, there’s some awesome scientific research, but you don’t need to!

Fast Facts:

  • Capsimax is a patented extract from Chili Peppers; it’s a whole-food extract, meaning nothing synthetic about it. And yes, it works.

  • By using an extract, you get all the benefits of Capsaicin without the spice of eating a ton of chilis.

  • Capsaicin itself can be obtained through diet, but that can be expensive and, well, super spicy!

  • Capsimax is patented, but it’s used by several supplement makers, meaning you have lots of choices for getting this power-packed ingredient into your regimen.

What is Capsimax?

Made by the company OmniActive, Capsimax is a concentrated form of the chemical that makes things spicy, Capsaicin. But using their proprietary extraction method, each molecule of Capsaicin is kept wrapped up in a safe little package until it hits your digestive tract. That means you get the same health benefits as eating dozens of chili peppers, without burning your mouth, or getting acid reflux.

And because Capsimax binds Capsaicin on the molecular level, Capsimax can be used as a powder in other supplements, or taken by itself.

How Capsaicin Works

Okay, so that’s Capsimax, but that only answers part of the question. We’re still left with how the active component of it works to help lose weight. For that we take a little bit of a detour through history, starting with observations that populations that eat a lot of spicy food have tended to have fewer instances of obesity over time.

Appetite Control

As people around the world started exploring new regions, we started to notice some differences from country to country. One such difference was that certain people tend not to become obese. After some trial and error, looking at what they eat and how often, dietitians began to observe some patterns. 

One such pattern became the now well-known Mediterranean diet. Another, less publicized discovery was that spicy foods actually help control appetite! And no, not just because you can’t take any more heat. It turns out that the chemical in chilis that makes them spicy also decreases Ghrelin, which is the hormone that makes us feel hungry.

This has been backed up in clinical studies which showed that people eating a lot of capsaicin tended to eat less, overall.


Eating less seems like a fine goal, but what about the weight we already have? Well, it looks like Capsaicin can help with that, too! Not only does Capsaicin actively speed up our metabolism, but it can actually help us literally burn stored body fat

You read that right: Capsaicin can increase the rate of what’s called lipolysis, or the oxidation of fat into energy. Furthermore, Capsaicin can “trick” our bodies into burning fat the same way it does when it’s cold!

Difficulty of Finding Capsaicin in Foods

If it looks like Capsaicin is the way to go, you’re not mistaking the facts. It’s really quite an incredible nutrient. The trouble is that to get even a low dose of Capsaicin you have to eat two entire Jalapeno peppers!

That might sound like a fun afternoon to some folks, but not to most people. And if you want the full impact of Capsaicin you might need to go as high as four or even five whole peppers, spicy seeds and all.

Effective Supplements

On the flip side of things, as I mentioned above, many supplement makers are now including Capsimax powder right in their original formulas. That means you get all the great metabolism boosts and appetite control of eating multiple chili peppers all in one tiny capsule. 

Last Word

Capsimax powder can really level up your weight loss journey. Because it works in two distinct ways, you have a better chance of seeing results than if it just helped with cravings, or only sped up your metabolism. And the unique ways it works also help make it a great addition to your current regimen. If you’re already taking a fiber supplement, you won’t be adding extra on top of that to control appetite.

And the actual fat-burning of Capsaicin really can’t be overlooked. While lots of other compounds out there can help you burn sugar, few of them actually melt fat cells the way Capsimax can. Final word? Definitely give it a try.


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