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PhenGold Review 2024 | Does it Work and EVIDENCE


For many years I’ve been on a journey to help the world see the persistent power and fat-burning potency of coffees and teas. So when a supplement manufacturer comes along with both of them in one formula, I’m curious to say the least. After all, if they’ve developed something safe and effective, it’s nice to have an ally in the field. But they’ve made a bunk-product, it can set back my advocacy of these amazing ingredients.

So when someone asked me about PhenGold, which has three types of caffeine, I was excited to jump into the research. Here’s what I found.

Can’t Miss Takeaways

  • PhenGold blends proven thermogenic ingredients for full-spectrum fat and sugar burning.
  • They also include several ingredients for mood and focus, making for a body-and-mind approach to weight loss.
  • Using Green Tea gives PhenGold the benefits of amazing compounds called catechins, which are proven to stimulate fat and weight loss.
  • PhenGold tops it all off with an impressive 100-day money back guarantee, which means there’s no risk to trying it yourself.

What is PhenGold?

PhenGold is a fat-burning and weight loss supplement that takes a holistic approach to our wellness. Rather than simply focus on appetite suppression, or ramping up our metabolism, PhenGold helps bring our mood and mental headspace into the equation. They’ve realized the hugely important relationship between our mood, hormones, and metabolism & eating habits, and they know that weight loss actually starts between our ears.

I’m excited to share some of the insights from their formula, and break down each ingredient. All of them play a role in the weight loss equation–and don’t worry, they still have proven thermogenics and ingredients to help curb cravings!

Ingredients of PhenGold

Now that you have a better idea of what PhenGold is, and where they’re coming from, their list of ingredients will make a lot more sense. After all, some of them are more commonly seen in Nootropics. But as we’ll see, they have amazing weight-control functions as well.

Green Tea – 500 mg

Advocates of herbal remedies and Far East medicine have sung the praises of Green Tea for generations. Modern studies have corroborated these proclamations, and even mainstream US universities are publishing data that the unique ingredients in Green Tea lead to incredible weight loss. One of those compounds in Green Tea is L-Theanine, which is included as a double-dose later in the list.

L-Tyrosine – 300 mg

The first of our mood enhancing ingredients, L-Tyrosine can improve mood in just 3 hours. What does that have to do with weight loss? The Medical Community is now unanimous: depression and other mood disorders lead to obesity. Even more striking, these effects are more common with Western eating habits.

L-Theanine – 250 mg

Another potent Nootropic ingredient, L-Theanine has been clinically demonstrated to improve attention and cognitive function. Now, we all probably know that staying motivated during weight loss is a mental game, but that’s now been backed up by data: better attention and focus leads to better weight loss outcomes.

Rhodiola Rosea – 250 mg

Sometimes it’s helpful to know a bit of the scientific mechanism behind an effect. Here’s a quick one: when we’re stressed, our Cortisol hormone levels spike; Cortisol leads to weight gain. Easy, right? Well, not so easy is lowering stress! That’s where Rhodiola Rosea comes in, scientifically shown to reduce stress.

Cayenne Pepper – 200 mg

Now we’re back to some more conventional, proven thermogenics. Cayenne contains the chemical Capsaicin. And as I’ve written about with Capsimax powder, Capsaicin greatly influences our bodies to burn more calories and even helps us eat less–naturally!

Green Coffee – 100 mg

Above and beyond the Caffeine in Green Coffee (which has its own benefits we’ll discuss in a moment), Green Coffee has novel effects on weight loss we’re only just now understanding. Case in point, in a very recent study, researchers found significant weight loss among obese people taking Green Coffee over a placebo. And with PhenGold, you don’t need to buy another cup of coffee to get it!

Caffeine – 225 mg

It may seem like our whole website is built around the Bio Bean of Coffee. Well, it’s for good reason. Here’s a short list of studies supporting its use for people losing weight:

DMAE – 150 mg

Known in the lab as Dimethylethanolamine, it commonly appears on supplement labels as DMAE–and I mean, it is a very common Nootropic ingredient, largely because it can tackle mood and focus at once. Again helping us with our weight loss, from the neck up.

Vitamins B3, B6, and B12

B-Vitamins are all the rage, right now, and for good reason in some cases. Turns out, B-Vitamins are responsible for almost all of our metabolic functions! That’s right; if we don’t have adequate B-Vitamins, we can’t really burn our calories effectively. 

BioPerine – 5 mg

Our last chemistry lesson, I promise! The active ingredient in Black Pepper (not related to chili peppers at all, actually) is piperine. Piperine stimulates more hydrochloric acid in our stomach, leading to greater nutrient absorption. Short story, the BioPerine in PhenGold makes sure you’re getting every microgram of every ingredient.

Does PhenGold Have Side Effects?

Generally, no! That’s one reason I (spoiler alert!) do recommend PhenGold. Many weight loss supplements rely on supercharged appetite suppressants, which can hurt your digestive tract. Or they pump you full of caffeine to rev up your metabolism–which can really wreck your nerves.

But PhenGold’s approach is whole body-and-mind wellness, which has been carried through in a well-tolerated formula of safe ingredients. That being said, make sure you speak with your doctor, because some safe supplement ingredients do interact with medications you may be on. 

Pros & Cons

Okay, final tally of the points, for and against. Let’s see which list is longer (even though you could probably guess). 


  • Whole Body Approach: By improving hormone and mood responses, PhenGold helps us maintain the headspace to keep up our health routine. And it tamps down on harmful Cortisol, which can lead straight to belly fat.
  • Proven Thermogenics: PhenGold doesn’t just rely on the mood ingredients, though! They still have proven fat and calorie burners like Cayenne pepper and Caffeine.
  • Safe and Effective: The two questions I get most often about supplements. “But do they work, Simon? And are they safe?” Yes, and yes. PhenGold really does check the two most important boxes.
  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee: The Economy is rough, I know. That’s why I mention guarantees whenever I can. And PhenGold’s might just be the best in the industry at over 3 full months!


  • Not All-Herbal: For some people this isn’t a deal breaker, but for others it very much is. Because of the DMAE, I can’t independently verify that PhenGold is completely, naturally derived.
  • Caffeine: While I don’t consider it too high a total value (825 mg including the Tea), it is a lot of caffeinated ingredients, especially for anyone breastfeeding or who is caffeine sensitive.

Do You Recommend It?

You’ve probably got me figured out by now, but yes! I do recommend PhenGold. It’s one of the only products for weight-loss with such a comprehensive emotional and mental wellness component. And in today’s stressful times, this really shouldn’t be overlooked. PhenGold can not only help kickstart your weight loss journey, it can help keep you on that track until you achieve your goals–or even longer!



PhenGold is a fat-burning and weight loss supplement that takes a holistic approach to our wellness. Rather than simply focus on appetite suppression, or ramping up our metabolism, PhenGold helps bring our mood and mental headspace into the equation.


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