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Capsiplex Trim Review 2024 | Fantastic or FAD?


I’ve been writing and teaching about fitness for a long time. In that span I’ve seen trends come and go. For a while the fat-burner game was only for women. Then with popularity of bodybuilding on the rise, shredding became a male-dominated topic. Most recently, some supplement makers have gone for the one-size-fits-all approach.

But let’s face it–men and women have dramatically different body chemistry. So it makes sense that, no matter how good an all around weight loss pill is, you might want something made just for a woman. If that’s the case, you may have come across Capsiplex Trim, of Capsiplex Burn fame. If you have, or if you’re seeing it for the first time, let’s take a dive together on whether this supplement works–or if it’s a waste.

Can’t Miss Takeaways

  • Capsiplex Trim is made by the same lab as Capsiplex Burn (in a surprise to no one, I’m sure); they’ve put the same cutting edge research behind Trim as they have with Burn.
  • Trim is designed to work with a woman’s body, not against it. That means quicker results, and weight loss that lasts.
  • Capsiplex still includes two hugely successful ingredients from Burn: Capsimax and InnoSlim.
  • Trim is then reinforced with ingredients just for a woman’s body like Iron and Zinc.

What is Capsiplex Trim?

Capsiplex Trim is a weight loss supplement with a simple idea: start with clinically proven ingredients that can help anyone lose weight, and then tailor the rest of the formula to women’s bodies. This philosophy has resulted in a supplement that can help you burn fat, control blood sugar, and balance your appetite. It’s honestly a bit of a game changer. Now we’ll turn to the individual ingredients of Trim to see how they work.

Ingredients of Capsiplex Trim

It’s one thing for a company to say their product is made just for women, but what story does their product label tell? Let’s find out.


I’ve already written quite a bit about this amazing weight loss ingredient, but if you’ve missed it–this stuff works! Not only can the Capsaicin in it help you eat less, but it’s also a proven thermogenic ingredient, helping you literally burn fat! Not a bad way to start a weight loss formula. 


This is another ingredient common to Capsiplex Burn and Trim–and for very good reason. It’s a proprietary combination of Astragalus and Ginseng. They both have anti-obesity effects, but it’s also been linked to the increase of Adiponectin, a hormone that helps regulate insulin sensitivity and reduces fat cell growth


If you’ve done your homework before class today, you may already know that Arginine increases testosterone. How’s that good thing for women? Well in the right doses, as here, the testosterone only increases muscle performance and tone, which of course, leads to weight loss

Green Tea Extract

You may have noticed that Caffeine shows up in a lot of fat-burners. Well, that’s because they work! And sources like Green Tea come with added benefits. The Catechins work in conjunction with the Caffeine to increase how well it works, and the Theanine can help keep you focused and clear-headed

Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee, if you can’t guess by our website name, is near-and-dear to us. It’s really a wonder-bean that can help you burn more energy, and its high Chlorogenic Acid content helps you keep your blood sugar on track–a key indicator of weight loss.


Iodine is a vital nutrient. So vital, in fact, that our Thyroids can’t function without them! It may not be prudent to go out and eat a bunch of Iodized table salt, though, or to spend money on an Iodine supplement. Having some in Capsiplex Trim keeps you covered, though, and your pocket book is none the wiser.


 Chromium has been getting a lot of traction among researchers who design weight loss supplements. And there’s good reasoning behind that. It’s a natural appetite suppressant that won’t bloat you like some fibers, and it greatly increases your insulin resistance, a good thing for shedding pounds


And now we come to the ingredients that are just for women. Not that men can’t use a bit of Calcium every now and again, but women are in dire need! Not only is it important for bone health in its own right, but recent scholarship shows it’s important for blood sugar, vascular disease prevention, and even helping regulate cholesterol!


This one probably goes without saying. For you men reading this I’ll spare you the details, but ladies, we all know you need iron, and you’re probably not getting enough. Dieting and exercising can increase the risks of mineral deficiency, and the makers of Capsiplex Trim know this. So they’ve made it easy to get your Iron supplement and fat-burner in shot.


Sensing a theme? That’s because Capsiplex wants to make Trim a woman’s do-it-all supplement. Zinc deficiency in women is particularly hazardous, not to mention it’s been clinically proven to help with shredding fat and weight.


As I mentioned with Iron, working out and cutting out calories can also leave out vital nutrients. So not only does Trim include B-Vitamins to help you cover your bases, but these Bs have proven metabolic potential, too!

Vitamin D

Many women already know to up their Calcium game, but many don’t know that without enough Vitamin D you only absorb 10% of your Calcium! Understanding that as they do, Trim was sure to add enough Vitamin D into their formula that the Calcium mentioned above gets into your body.

Vitamin C

Along the same lines as the B-Vitamins, cutting out foods that are high in sugar like Fruits can be great for our waste lines, but not for our Vitamin intake. By including Vitamin C in Trim, Capsiplex is covering your bases for you.

Does Capsiplex Trim Have Side Effects?

Here we get to the question that many women need to know. After all, history is littered with the labels of diet pills throughout the years that were later found to be quite harmful. Good news with Trim is that it’s completely safe. Not only that, but because it’s made specifically for women you don’t have to worry about it causing adverse effects to all of the delicate balances in your body. 

Pros & Cons


  • Made for Women: Women don’t need the same kinds of shoes as men, the same kinds of clothes; why should you take the same weight loss supplement as a man? Your body is different and deserves a supplement made for it.
  • Proven Thermogenic Ingredients: It’s all the rage in supplements, right now, but there’s also real science behind the idea of thermogenesis. By unlocking this biological process, you can literally burn your fat away.
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, and Soy Free: No matter what your lifestyle or dietary restrictions, Capsiplex wanted to ensure that Trim is still the best option for you. Their formula, then, is such that anyone can take it guilt-free.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: Who doesn’t like the sound of that? It’s a no-brainer, and you’ve got nothing to lose–except of course unwanted weight.


  • Not Right For Men: No big loss here for any women reading, but for you fellas, skip on over to my review of Capsiplex Burn, the formula just for men.
  • No Fiber: This is a plus for some women, for whom fiber causes bloating and GI issues. But for those who’ve come to rely on their supplement to provide fiber as an appetite suppressant, Trim doesn’t have it.

Do You Recommend It?

From the tone of my review so far, you may have gathered that Yes! I do recommend Capsiplex Trim. It’s a worthy contender to compare against other winners like Leanbean. Capsiplex Trim has all the Vitamins and Minerals that are absolutely essential for women’s bodies, and it doesn’t cut corners on the fat-burning ingredients.

That means you get all the weight loss support you need, and no filler. And nothing harmful to your body. Lastly, I’ll stress the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which makes it even easier for me to recommend it. If for any reason, however unlikely, Trim isn’t right for you, simply send it back for your refund. No matter your choice, stay healthy, and stay you.

Capsiplex Trim


Capsiplex Trim is a weight loss supplement with a simple idea: start with clinically proven ingredients that can help anyone lose weight, and then tailor the rest of the formula to women’s bodies.


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