PhenQ PM Review 2024 | Does it Work & EVIDENCE

by Sam Phoenix  - January 2, 2024

We all want a miracle. Whether it’s a promotion at work that comes with more money and less work, or maybe even just the miracle of no traffic on our commute, we’d all like a little more for a little less. Well, for years we’ve been told that the only way to lose weight was to kill ourselves at the gym and deprive ourselves at dinner. 

But science has reasserted itself in the conversation, and supplement makers are taking advantage of the research to give us more weight loss with less effort. Case in point, PhenQ PM. Made by the same people behind the powerful PhenQ, this new product can actually help you lose weight while you sleep.

Can’t Miss Takeaways

  • Sleep is a key indicator of weight loss–the more we have, the more we lose!
  • PhenQ PM has ingredients that can help you sleep longer and better, meaning you’re better rested to tackle the next day’s workouts.
  • In addition, PhenQ PM has thrown in active thermogenic ingredients that can actually raise your resting metabolism, burning more calories while you sleep.
  • PhenQ PM can be used in addition to your favorite day-time supplement, or on its own.

What is PhenQ PM?

Nearly every mattress commercial points it out to us: we spend a third of our lives or more sleeping. And the things that help us during the day, we’d really like to avoid at night–like a big cup of coffee! Taking all this into account, the makers of PhenQ PM decided it was time to make a weight loss supplement designed for our sleeping bodies.

By combining the common sense of night time specific ingredients and the leading science behind sleep and resting metabolism, PhenQ has made a unique supplement that can help anyone, regardless of their weight loss goals. Need to lose that last 5 pounds? Or do you want to drop a dramatic amount of weight? Either way, PhenQ PM can work for you. 

Ingredients of PhenQ PM

PhenQ PM didn’t just repackage their original formula sans the caffeine. Instead, they’ve started from the ground up, selecting each ingredient for its ability to help us sleep, keep our resting metabolism up, and refresh our bodies to seize the next day.

Choline – 40 mg

This essential nutrient is absolutely necessary for metabolic function. And when we don’t get enough of it, we tend to crave the foods that are high in it, like meats and complex carbs. And lack of sleep and food cravings go hand-in-hand. So taking a Choline supplement right before bed can really decrease those midnight snack attacks. What’s more, studies have shown a rapid fat and weight loss among people taking a Choline supplement.

Chromium – 120 mcg

A few of you may have already read my full article on Chromium, but here’s one highlight. Chromium can actively suppress appetite, without making you feel bloated! And that can make all the difference at bedtime.

Molybdenum – 100 mcg

Everyone’s talking about self-care, and for good reason. Stress and anxiety raise our levels of the hormone Cortisol, which can lead to massive weight gain, as well as poor sleep. Here’s where Molybdenum comes in to help. Research has shown that over time, it can help flush our systems of harmful things like Cortisol, paving the way for long-term sleep and recuperation benefits.

L-Arginine – 1200 mg

What’s one way to supercharge tomorrow’s performance while you sleep? How about generating more growth hormones? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Research has consistently indicated that the amino acid L-Arginine can increase our natural production of helpful hormones, as well as lower our blood pressure during rest.

L-Lysine HCL – 1200 mg

Another amino acid specifically included to boost resting metabolism, Lysine can actively help you burn fat more effectively and efficiently. And, like Molybdenum, Lysine can lower your stress and Cortisol levels for better rest.

L-Theanine – 200 mg

A common ingredient in the most powerful Nootropics, L-Theanine is the active “calming” ingredient in Green Tea, and in PhenQ PM helps lower your anxiety–all without the caffeine associated with tea.

5-HTP – 150 mg

Long form “5-Hydroxytryptophan,” and yes, you read “tryptophan” in there. That’s the common compound from turkey that makes you sleepy. In clinical studies, 5-HTP has reduced sleep disruptions in participants, and in other studies has actually reduced carb-cravings!

Vitamin C – 80 mg

One of the key reasons PhenQ PM works so well is that it provides the nutrients your body needs while you’re sleeping, so you have fewer cravings at night. Case in point, doctors have written that while we think we’re craving food we’re really craving a vitamin. A quick hit of Vitamin C may help keep us from waking up and eating!

Vitamin B Complex (B1, B6, B5, and B7)

Similar to the effects listed above, by adding in a full complement of B Vitamins, PhenQ PM can keep our brains wired on the sleep task. In addition, B-Vitamins are a key factor in metabolic processes

Does PhenQ PM Have Side Effects?

Okay, time for brass tacks. I’m sure by now you’re thinking that a pill you take before bed is ideal for your weight loss journey, but you’re wondering if there are any side effects. Drum roll… No! PhenQ PM is formulated from natural compounds that are present in everyday foods. The key here is that you’re able to get them without consuming 1,000 calories right before bed.

That being said, if you do have concerns, definitely consult your physician. And if you’re on medications, especially for blood pressure, make sure you discuss with your doctor the blood pressure lowering ingredients here.

Pros & Cons


  • A full 2-Month Money Back Guarantee: I’ll lead with this one because honestly, it’s such a great offer. You can try PhenQ PM for sixty  day, and if you don’t notice a visible loss of weight, send it back.
  • Take it While You Sleep: Really, I can’t overstate what a game changer this is. It’s no disruption to your daily routine, and you don’t even have to stop taking your favorite daytime supplements.
  • No Side Effects: No one wants to play around with their sleep cycle. Not only is PhenQ PM designed to help you get better sleep, but you don’t have to worry about adverse side effects, either.
  • Fast-Acting: I don’t like to make promises, but I can say that some users have seen results from PhenQ PM in the first two weeks! Now, these people already had a weight loss routine in place, but it’s worth noting how quickly it can work.


  • Only Available Online: I know it’s a pain. When I can, I like to go support brick and mortar businesses, too. But in order to keep it affordable, PhenQ PM is only available through their website.
  • Can Be An Expensive Option: For some people, this is a second supplement to take everyday, which costs can add up.

Do You Recommend It?

In the end, this is a no-brainer for me. As a researcher and fitness guide, I always rely on the best available science, combined with what is going to actually work in the routines of real people. With PhenQ PM, we get all of those areas covered. Their formula is sound and well-researched, and it’s a supplement you can easily fold into your night time routine.

That being said, it may not work as a primary supplement for some people, and if you’re already taking a daytime fat-burner, the costs could put this out of reach. If you’re in the market for turning your body into a 24-hour fat-burning machine, though, PhenQ PM should be on your radar.

PhenQ PM


By combining the common sense of night time specific ingredients and the leading science behind sleep and resting metabolism, PhenQ PM has made a unique supplement that can help anyone, regardless of their weight loss goals

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