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Powher Cut Review 2024 | Legit Fat Burner Or Scam?


Excess fat seemingly creeps up on you. One moment you are slim and shapely – the next moment you are shopping for dresses several sizes larger. So how do you get back your dream body? Well, you could start off by doing what everyone who has lost fat successfully does – going to the gym, eating better and sleeping well. 

To get results quicker, fat burners like Powher Cut can come in handy. If you are on the fence about using Powher Cut, we have done the legwork for you. Read on to find out whether it is the right product for you. 

Powher Cut 

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

  • Reduces cravings and calorie intake
  • Promotes fitness goals.
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue.

What is Powher Cut?

Powher Cut is a women-focused fat burner developed with the input of registered dieticians. Made from six natural, clinically tested ingredients, it is designed to help you realize your fitness goals sooner. Powher Cut enhances fat metabolism, inhibits food cravings, boosts workout energy and reduces fatigue.

Powher Cut is a product of Ultimate Life, a UK-based health and wellness company. Found in 2015, Ultimate Life specializes in women-focused products. Other products by the company include Leanbean, Powher Pre Workout and Powher Multivitamin.

How Does It Work?

Powher Cut has two primary paths of action. One is enhancing fat metabolism which triggers thermogenesis thus burning away extra fat. The other is inhibiting food cravings thereby helping to keep your body at a caloric deficit. By attacking your extra weight from these two angles, you can attain weight reduction quicker.


Inhibits Food Cravings

Despite following a rigorous exercise regimen, you are going to have a hard time getting rid of extra fat if you are not eating at a caloric deficit. The fat you burn away at the gym will simply be replenished if you are eating more than you should. Powher Cut’s primary ingredient is glucomannan, a fiber-rich extract of the konjac plant’s root. Glucomannan is a natural appetite suppressant.

For example, an extensive review covering multiple studies found that 2,000 to 4,000 mg of glucomannan supplementation came with a significant increase in satiety. 

Boosts Energy

Make no mistake – fat loss is a challenging journey where patience is paramount. While you will be powered by the raw enthusiasm during the first few gym sessions, soon the exhaustion after each workout can start to eat away at your morale. The appeal of the bodily comfort you enjoyed before causes many to drop off. 

Powher Cut is designed to not just speed up your fat loss but also equip you with the energy you need to get through your workouts over the long term. It does so by stabilizing ATP-generating chemical reactions. ATP supports glucose utilization and muscle function which is vital for extending endurance.

Improves Immunity

Rapid weight loss powered by a caloric deficit may see your body not getting the nutrients it needs in the quantities it needs it. The result is a steady rise in susceptibility to disease. Falling ill could very well short circuit your fat loss progress by forcing a break in routine. 

Powher Cut’s mix of ingredients is aimed at boosting your natural immunity even as you cut down on your food intake.

Who Should Take Powher Cut?

Powher Cut is primarily made for women that have adopted a regular exercise regimen and healthy diet with the aim of cutting extra body fat and realizing a trimmer body. In that sense, it is formulated to maximize the impact of a positive lifestyle. Powher Cut will not be useful for women that have a sedentary lifestyle or are on a poor diet.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhances metabolism and speeds up fat burn.
  • Inhibits food cravings and reduces hunger by making you feel fuller
  • Boosts workout energy
  • Formulation made for women.
  • Manufactured in GMP-certified FDA-registered BRC-compliant facilities.


  • Contains caffeine. This may be problematic for caffeine-sensitive persons.
  • The six capsules per day may be uncomfortable for individuals that have trouble swallowing pills.

Customer Reviews

Compared to peer products, Powher Cut reviews are relatively few. Nevertheless, buyers report a mostly positive experience on using the product. The benefit that comes up with greatest regularity is improvement in weight loss.

Ingredients (including quantity per daily serving)

Glucomannan (3,000 mg)

Extracted from the root of the konjac plant, glucomannan is the main active ingredient in many fat loss supplements – for good reason. It is packed with soluble fiber that enlarges once it comes into contact with water in the digestive tract. The result is a satiety that inhibits food cravings.

Caffeine (100 mg)

Extracted from coffee Arabica, caffeine is arguably the world’s most widely used stimulant. It has been shown to boost metabolism, thermogenesis, weight loss, cognitive function and energy.

Magnesium (100 mg)

Blended into Powher Cut as magnesium citrate, magnesium is a crucial macromineral that supports hundreds of physiological processes including stabilizing ATP-generating chemical reactions. ATP supports fat synthesis, protein synthesis, glucose utilization and muscle function.

Choline (90 mg)

Blended into Powher Cut as choline bitartrate, choline is a vital nutrient known to support metabolism and reduce body mass

Chromium (120 mcg)

Blended into Powher Cut as chromium picolinate, chromium is a trace element known to inhibit food cravings, improve blood glucose control, enhance cardiovascular function and eliminate extra fat.

Selenium (54.66 mcg)

Blended into Powher Cut as amino acid chelate, selenium is an important trace element that has been proven to boost natural immunity, cardiovascular health and cognitive performance.

Potential Side Effects

Powher Cut is a blend of six natural and clinically proven ingredients. It does not have any known side effects as long as it is taken as per the manufacturer-recommended dosage. That said, no two people have an identical lifestyle or biochemical composition. Efficacy may vary from person to person. Contact your doctor before you start to use Powher Cut. Do not take it if you are pregnant, nursing or under 18, and stop using Powher Cut immediately if you experience an adverse reaction.

Prices & Offers

A bottle of Powher Cut contains 180 capsules to last 30 days. There is a price discount on orders of three or more bottles. You get free shipping to the US and UK (purchases of at least two bottles) and to the rest of the world (purchases of at least three bottles). All orders of three or more bottles are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee.

Key Features of Powher Cut Alternatives


Overall Rating: 4.9/5

  • Top pick in 'best fat burners' list
  • Burns extra body fat in challenging parts like the belly.
  • Decelerates the formation of new fat cells. 
  • Inhibits food cravings.


Overall Rating: 4.8/5

  • Burns extra body fat.
  • Inhibits food cravings.
  • Eliminates nutrient deficiencies that sometimes accompany quick weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Powher Cut ticks all the right boxes of a women-centric fat loss supplement. Still, it will not be equally effective for every person that uses it. The variation in efficacy is due to differences in biochemical composition and the root cause of fat accumulation. 

Further, Powher Cut is meant to supplement the time and effort you invest in regular exercise, good diet and adequate rest. It does not replace the need for healthy habits. If Powher Cut does not work for you, consult your doctor for guidance on what would be the most appropriate fat burner for you.

Want To Try Powher Cut?

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Powher Cut the right fat burner for me?

Powher Cut is formulated to work for most women looking to get rid of extra fat and attain a slimmer frame. There is a good chance it will be effective for you as long as it is accompanied by a lifestyle change encompassing good diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

How soon after I start to use Powher Cut should I expect to see changes?

The 90-day money back guarantee is an approximate guideline of the longest you should wait to experience noticeable changes. Still, some users may see changes in a few weeks. How quickly you get rid of the extra fat depends on your lifestyle, biochemical composition and body fat percentage. For example, the higher your body fat percentage, the quicker you are likely to lose weight in the first few weeks.

Can I use Powher Cut with other fat burners?

Yes, you can. Our recommendation? Do not. It’s better to use Powher Cut on its own especially if this is your first time taking a fat loss supplement. That way, you can better evaluate whether it is working for you. Also, fat burners often use a lot of the same ingredients. When you combine two supplements, you could inadvertently exceed the daily values of shared ingredients. This may result in nutrient toxicity.


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