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Leanbean Review 2024 | Does it Really Work & Scientific Evidence


A lot of weight loss supplements target a specific person, and it mostly looks like marketing. Other times, though, there’s real science behind the formula, and it really does work better for certain people. That’s the case I’ve found with Leanbean.

Geared toward women’s bodies and their specific body chemistry, Leanbean doesn’t use caffeine anhydrous, which in some cases can be harmful for women. Instead, Leanbean uses a novel fiber, called Glucomannan from the Konjac Root to work with a woman’s metabolism. This limits snacking, and improves blood sugar levels so the pounds can melt away.

Can’t Miss Takeaways

  • By using Glucomannan as a primary ingredient, Leanbean keeps it all natural and body positive.
  • Their formula also includes Choline, the trigger compound for all metabolic processes.
  • Leanbean also has clinically researched thermogenic ingredients, like Green Coffee Bean, and Acai Berry.
  • Because Leanbean is 100% natural, you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects, either!

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a do-it-all fat loss and weight management supplement, tailor made just for women. They approach their formula with a scientific mindset and have included only ingredients proven to work. And their product has been so effective that they’ve been able to offer a 90 Money Back Guarantee. That’s right. If you use Leanbean and it doesn’t work for you, just send it back for a refund.

And just to tie a bow on things, Leanbean is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility, they’re Vegan-friendly, and their Complete Bundle even comes with a Workout Guide and Meal Plan designed just for women!

Video Review of LeanBean

Ingredients of Leanbean

Okay, okay. Now we get into all that scientific research I mentioned before. But don’t fret. I’ll keep it straightforward. If you want to click the links, though, they’re all documented, peer-reviewed clinical trials. No fluff, just facts.

Glucomannan – 3,000 mg

Made from the Konjac Root of Southeast Asia, this soluble fiber has been used for weight management for centuries. Fibers like this have been shown to decrease food cravingsbalance blood sugar, and even speed up your metabolism

Green Coffee Bean – 40 mg

Leanbean doesn’t use caffeine anhydrous, the isolated and potent form of caffeine that can be harmful for some women. So to get all the proven, fat-burning potential out of the Coffee Bean, Leanbean uses the much healthier unroasted coffee bean. This means you get all the weight loss benefits of coffee with no jitters and no crash.

Acai Berry – 50 mg

We’ve all heard of antioxidants by now, but do we all know what they are? Well, they help fight off molecules called free radicals. When we burn more calories, we have more free radicals–and Acai Berry is a powerful weapon in fighting those off during weight loss.

Choline – 27.5 mg

Quickest Chemistry lesson ever, here. Choline makes our nerves fire! That’s it! With added Choline, our muscles (and even brains) perform better.

Vitamin B12 – 0.8mcg and Vitamin B6 – 0.56 mg

People with low Vitamin B tend to have excessive weight gain, and that’s because B Vitamins are necessary for metabolizing calories. Without enough, we don’t burn sugars, we store them as fat.

Does Leanbean Have Side Effects?

Okay, science lessons over. After reading all that, you might be wondering if there’s anything to look out for? The good news is that for nearly every body type, the answer is no, Leanbean has no side effects. There is one thing to be wary of, and that’s people with sensitive digestive tracts.

You see, the thing that makes Leanbean so effective is Glucomannan, a powerful fiber supplement. But if you have a history of constipation, diarrhea, or any other digestive issues, Glucomannan can be trouble. If you aren’t sure if this kind of fiber is good for you, check with your doctor.

Pros & Cons

As we start to wrap up our review, it’s probably a good idea to check back through the good and bad of Lean bean.


  • Novel Fiber: Glucomannan has really been a game-changer since it hit Western markets. But Leanbean was one of the first to use it, and they’re whole formula is based around it, while others use it as an afterthought.
  • All-Natural Formula: No fillers, nothing synthetic, and no harsh stimulants. And, best of all for some people, it’s completely Vegan, which means you don’t have to sacrifice lifestyle for results.
  • Made for Women: It’s a man’s world out there, sometimes, and it’s nice to know that some products out there are still being made with a woman in mind. With Leanbean, not only are you getting a weight loss supplement made just for you, but you can also access meal plans and workouts tailored for women!
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No denying that this is a plus. As impeccable as the formulation of Leanbean is, every body is different, and there’s getting around that. Having the security of a money-back offer is a huge benefit.


  • Digestive Issues: Like I mentioned above, if you’re someone with a history of GI problems, then Leanbean might not be for you.
  • Low Caffeine: While this is a selling point for many, for others it’s kind of a downer, pun definitely intended. If you like a supplement that packs an energy punch, maybe look elsewhere.

Do You Recommend It?

In a word, Yes! I do recommend Leanbean, and not just because it’s got great research behind it. It’s also one of the only supplements geared toward women that actually has ingredients for women. In other words, it’s not just a marketing ploy–it’s really fantastic for women’s bodies (and even older women). And at the end of the day, or week, or month, if you don’t like it you can just send it back. But I really don’t think you could be unhappy with the result you’ll see with Lean bean!



Geared toward women’s bodies and their specific body chemistry, Leanbean doesn’t use caffeine anhydrous, which in some cases can be harmful for women. Instead, Leanbean uses a novel fiber, called Glucomannan from the Konjac Root to work with a woman’s metabolism.


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