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by Sam Phoenix  - January 2, 2024

In a recent article I wrote specifically for women over 50, I ranked the absolute best fat-burners out there. It was a good exercise, partly because I’m not a woman over 50. Sometimes, even the best of us can get wrapped up in all the generalities out there. But the fact is, some people need a very specific supplement for their best results. One size does not always fit all.

On that list I had Zotrim ranked fairly high. Part of that is the gentle formula that doesn’t use bulking appetite suppressant fibers. It also doesn’t use a lot of caffeine. These two factors make it great not just for women over 50, but for anyone looking for a gentle weight loss supplement. So let’s take a deeper dive and see if Zotrim might be a good fit for you.

Can’t Miss Takeaways

  • Low-dose caffeine means you can incorporate it into your existing routine. No need to cut coffee with friends, and your sleep cycle won’t be interrupted.
  • Yerba Mate, instead of a soluble fiber, means your appetite can come under control without any GI issues.
  • Vitamin B support for metabolism and nutrition. As your appetite goes down, you may miss out on Vitamins and other important nutrients.
  • No side effects! It’s gentle, so even the very mild side effects of other supplements are virtually nonexistent with Zotrim.

What is Zotrim?

Zotrim is an ideal supplement for anyone whose primary remaining obstacle to losing weight is appetite. For instance, do you already workout plenty, but you just can’t seem to stop snacking? Or are you still having a bit of an issue with portions at meal time? Then Zotrim is ideal for you!

See, there aren’t a ton of energy boosters or exercise benefits in Zotrim, but they do have some ingredients clinically shown to help reduce appetite. And the appetite control will come mostly from internal signaling, not from fiber which can make you feel bloated, or caffeine which can make you jittery. 

Ingredients of Zotrim

Enough talk about generalities. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of Zotrim, and take a look at some of the science they’ve relied on to make their supplement work. 

Yerba Mate – 112 mg

Yerba Mate has been famous as a tea for years now. But what’s less well-known about it is that it’s a fantastic appetite suppressant. Because it can help you feel more full without actually bloating you, it’s a great way to curb cravings. In addition to that, it’s been shown to help us metabolize fat more efficiently, making it a dual action weight loss weapon!

Guarana – 95 mg

In an article I wrote about how caffeine can help with weight loss I mentioned that Guarana can be hard to get into a beverage. Well, Zotrim solved that by simply putting it into a capsule! That means you get all the appetite reducingfat-burning, and energy boosting benefits of this powerful, caffeinated seed without any hassle.

Damiana – 36 mg

Need more help with food cravings? Damiana has you covered. In one study, Damiana increased the benefits of Guarana and Yerba Mate when taken together. It’s become known as the YGD effect, and you’ve got it here in Zotrim.

Caffeine – 25 mg

Here Zotrim has added just one more bit of Caffeine–but not enough to give you tremors! In fact, the 25 mg has been specifically dosed so that, in combination with the Guarana, you’re at the ideal Caffeine dose measured in clinical studies

Vitamins B3 and B6

Both good for weight loss, and both possibly missing from your diet if you’re eating less. B3 has been shown to help with lowering cholesterol and fat, and B6 helps you make dopamine–a must when dealing with nearly any weight loss regimen. 

Does Zotrim Have Side Effects?

Here we have some of the best news of all about Zotrim–no side effects! And while that’s true for every supplement I recommend (which sort of gives away the ending of this review), Zotrim has an even more safe formula.

That’s because they have about half the caffeine of some other highly rated fat-burners, and no fiber. That means that even people sensitive to caffeine may be totally fine with Zotrim, and people who are worried about adding a lot of fiber because of GI sensitivities are in the clear with Zotrim. 

Pros & Cons


  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee: We usually don’t need three months or more to know if something is working for us. But if you do, don’t fret. Zotrim has you covered. If there’s any reason you don’t Zotrim or how it’s helping you in the first 100 days, just send it back for a refund.
  • Low-Caffeine: As I mentioned above, while we’re huge proponents of the Great Coffee Bean, here, we also know that large quantities of caffeine just aren’t in the cards for a lot of people. In fact, some weight loss pills come with advisories because of their caffeine content! But Zotrim has little more caffeine than a single cup of coffee.
  • No Fiber: I personally am a Fiber Apostle. I tell everyone about its wonders. But some people have GI tracts that really can’t take too much fiber without acting up. That can be especially true for older people. If that’s the case with you, Zotrim’s gentle, herbal remedy for appetite is the ticket for you.
  • All-Natural Formula: This is increasingly and important point for many consumers. There’s nothing lab-derived or synthetic in Zotrim. Everything here can be found in Nature, and here it’s also largely left in that natural state. Which is not only good for your conscience, but easier on your body.


  • Not Many Thermogenic Ingredients: Outside of the low-dose caffeine, Zotrim doesn’t have a ton of thermogenic components like we see in other fat-burners. Which is part of their gentle approach, but the point remains a small Con.
  • Not a Good Exercise Supplement: Because Zotrim is designed around curbing appetite, it’s not a great pre-workout supplement like other weight loss products are. Zotrim is very good at its job, but that job is not getting you jacked up for a gym session.

Do You Recommend It?

In the main, I can say that I do recommend Zotrim. It’s an excellent appetite suppressant based on natural ingredients in a well-designed formula. No ingredient is over-represented, and it’s made to be gentle on your body and easy to digest. If you’re not looking for a total body transformation with high-intensity workouts and thermogenics that will shred you, Zotrim may be the best thing on the market for you.



Zotrim is an ideal supplement for anyone whose primary remaining obstacle to losing weight is appetite. For instance, do you already workout plenty, but you just can’t seem to stop snacking? Or are you still having a bit of an issue with portions at meal time? Then Zotrim is ideal for you!

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