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Creating renewed opportunity from waste coffee

We recycle and renew spent coffee grounds, ready for reuse.

An estimated quarter of a million tonnes of spent coffee grounds are unnecessarily discarded in the UK every year. We create value from this wasted resource.


While sipping our daily lattes keeps us all connected and caffeinated, it also leads to a hidden stream of waste: coffee grounds emitting harmful greenhouse gases in landfill and anaerobic digestion, or simply being inefficiently incinerated.

At bio-bean we take these spent coffee grounds and sustainably renew them into a valuable material whilst significantly reducing emissions.

How the process works

The UK drinks 98 million cups of coffee every day

This creates around 250,000 tonnes of wet waste coffee grounds typically bound for landfill

We work with logistics and waste management companies to collect discarded coffee grounds before they get to landfill

The grounds are brought to our facility where they are processed and upcycled for reuse

This results in extracting value that benefits both people and planet in a circular economy

We make solid biomass fuels for both consumers and industry

We extract residual natural compounds from food-grade spent grounds for use in the food and beverage industry

We provide upcycled grounds for a multitude of sustainable products and services

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