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cricket pitch
Com‘batting’ climate change for the sake of cricket

Among the bio-bean team there are quite a few cricket enthusiasts, while as an environmental company our aim is to help tackle issues like climate change. So we investigated the link between the two and what is being done about it… By Christian de Vitry, Sales & Marketing Intern Cricket has perhaps the closest relationships […]

July 27, 2018 0 comment
close-up of bees

This week, a swarm of bees turned up at our Alconbury factory in search of a new home. We called the Huntingdonshire Beekeepers Association and were able to arrange for someone to come and collect the bees. The bees were coaxed gradually a wooden hive box containing sweet treats. Our bio-bees have now been rehoused with […]

June 20, 2018 0 comment
Coffee Logs Production
Photo story: inside the world’s first coffee recycling factory

Over summer 2018 we’re making some mega changes to the machinery, the processes and the layout of our two former aircraft hangars that house our coffee recycling facility. These upgrades will ensure our processes are as efficient as possible and our carbon footprint as low as possible. Given that it will soon look very different […]

June 14, 2018 0 comment
Video: Roadchef partners with bio-bean and Olleco

Three companies with a shared vision of doing more with waste have come together, to ensure nothing ends up in landfill… and starting with coffee.   PRESS RELEASE   Roadchef recycling coffee grounds to reduce its environmental impact 30 May 2018 – Roadchef, the UK’s leading motorway service operator, has partnered with bio-bean – the […]

May 31, 2018 0 comment
Bio-bean going single-use plastic free
bio-bean’s plastic-free challenge

  We’ve all seen the heart-wrenching pictures: the seahorse clutching a plastic cotton bud, gulls with insides full of miscellaneous bits of plastic, and seals choked by plastic bags. We’ve seen the surge in global media coverage of our giant plastic problem since David Attenborough hammered it home with Blue Planet (distressing and awe-inspiring in […]

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Kevin McCloud interview at grand designs live
Our merry month of May

This month the bio-bean team has been hitting the road, participating in Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs Live in London and exhibiting at sustainability expo edie Live in the NEC, Birmingham. We’re really proud that our Coffee Logs have been selected by Kevin McCloud as one of his Green Heroes – some of the best environmental homeware products on […]

May 29, 2018 0 comment
Meet our coffee ground suppliers – Brighton

Having started out in London, bio-bean now collects waste coffee grounds from sites across Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton. And we’ll take any excuse for a road trip to visit some of the people around the country who have signed up for coffee collections, and are providing crucial raw material for our biofuels and biochemicals. Which […]

March 11, 2018 0 comment
bio-bean advertisement campaign
2017: The Year of the Coffee Log

It’s been quite a year for bio-bean. 2017 has seen our Coffee Logs sales soar beyond expectations and our waste coffee collections reach three new cities in the UK. We’ve delivered a ‘Wonderfuel’ advertising campaign, and we’ve powered London busses with coffee. And we’ve just made a viral video that has been viewed by over 3 million people! […]

December 20, 2017 0 comment
the burning of coffee logs
10 reasons why you should be burning Coffee Logs this winter

We at bio-bean know why we’d choose our Coffee Logs over other fuels. But we also know there’s a tiny chance that we’re a bit biased, so we challenged ourselves to come up with 10 really good reasons why you should be burning Coffee Logs this winter… 1. Coffee Logs make the UK’s coffee habit […]

December 11, 2017 0 comment
Kevin McCloud Green Heroes
More recognition for Coffee Logs – the wonderful wonderfuel! 

In more positive news for bio-bean, Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud has named our wonderfuel, Coffee Logs one of his ‘Green Heroes’ at Grand Designs Live, thanks to our friends at Logs Direct who distribute for us in the north of England and exhibit with Coffee Logs at numerous trade shows. Kevin McCloud’s annual Green Heroes selection celebrates the best […]

October 25, 2017 0 comment

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