What is bio-bean Renewals? - bio-bean coffee grounds recycling
dried recycled coffee grounds


16th June 2020

What is bio-bean Renewals?

As the world’s largest recycler of coffee grounds, we recycle and renew spent grounds on an industrial scale. We process spent grounds and transform them for use in more than just their original coffee beverage. So a core part of what we do is what we call bio-bean Renewals.

Coffee grounds provide us with a daily hit of caffeine. Brewed grounds fuel our brains and bodies with boosts of stimulation and energy. They give us a feeling of comfort as we prepare to face the day. But coffee grounds can do so much more, and when we discard them after brewing, we waste their residual value.

Typically grounds are sent to either landfill or anaerobic digestion where they emit greenhouse gases, or they’re simply inefficiently incinerated. And with an estimated half a million tonnes of waste coffee grounds produced annually in the UK, at bio-bean we see this as a huge resource unnecessarily wasted.

So we provide a better solution: we recycle and renew coffee grounds into a valuable material whilst reducing emissions.

bio-bean Renewals: Coffee Recycling

We work with the existing waste management and logistics infrastructure to collect spent coffee grounds from businesses large and small across the UK. We take grounds from coffee shops and office blocks to rail stations and airports.

When the grounds are delivered to our factory in Cambridgeshire we condition and dry them, renewing them for reuse in valuable products to benefit both people and planet.

This simple and efficient coffee recycling service means our clients can save money whilst becoming more sustainable. Heavy, wet coffee grounds weigh down whichever waste stream they enter. Typically this increases the collection fees for the businesses keeping us caffeinated. So instead by recycling their grounds, businesses can reduce the weight of their waste and the costs associated with disposal.

bio-bean Renewals: Dried Grounds

Since our founding in 2013 we’ve been developing and refining our technology to process and dry wet coffee grounds into a valuable raw material. And as the world increasingly demands sustainable alternatives, recycled coffee grounds offer an environmentally friendly material for innovative new products.

While others have made use of spent coffee grounds in a variety of innovative but small-scale products, the challenge is sourcing enough of the raw material to expand these efforts. And the difficulty with recycling spent coffee grounds at scale is in removing both the contaminants and moisture.

Because at bio-bean we’re able to renew large volumes of coffee waste for reuse, our dried spent coffee grounds offer a breadth of opportunity: from automotive parts to 3D printing, and to bioplastics making up objects like trays, tableware or sunglasses.

And because recycled, dried coffee grounds are a consistent, sustainable raw material, they’re perfect for businesses seeking to create transformative change.

If you’re interested in recycling your business’s coffee grounds with bio-bean Renewals, or you’re looking for a sustainable raw material for your latest product innovation, get in touch with us or visit our website to find out more.