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Renewed coffee grounds in shovel


20th July 2021

Introducing Inficaf: bio-bean’s latest innovation from spent coffee

We’re in the business of creating impactful, sustainable change by innovating through coffee waste. And our latest innovation does just that.

We’re proud to introduce Inficaf: upcycled coffee with infinite possibility.

Spent coffee grounds, renewed and upcycled for reuse, are a sustainable, bulk raw material with versatility across a wide variety of industries. From plastics to automotive friction, and from cosmetics to textiles and more, spent coffee grounds offer a sustainable alternative to virgin or synthetic materials whilst also reducing waste.

The world drinks approximately 2.5 billion cups of coffee every day, creating an estimated 18 million tonnes of spent coffee grounds every year.

Typically, those spent coffee grounds are sent to landfill or anaerobic digestion, neither of which make use of the residual value within this resource.

But what if, instead, those grounds could displace conventional fillers in brake pads, or petroleum-based compounds in plastics? What if they could become the key ingredient in a beauty exfoliant rather than fresh grounds from green coffee beans? Or be used in fabric fibres to replace some of the synthetics?

Well, they can. And by diverting spent coffee grounds from landfill and instead upcycling them for reuse in a circular economy, we reduce waste and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions, and we drive behaviour change, helping the world to rethink ‘waste’.

Inficaf is made from spent coffee grounds collected from UK businesses at every scale, including coffee shops, office blocks, airports and instant coffee manufacturers. When the grounds arrive at our facility in Cambridgeshire, we process and dry them to requirement before sieving and packing them up for innovative, new commercial and industrial applications.

Inficaf is consistent in particle size, moisture content and bulk density, making it a versatile raw material for businesses seeking to create transformative change.

The possibilities are endless. What will you make with Inficaf?


For more information on this raw material, visit the Inficaf page on our website.

To discuss using Inficaf in your products, get in touch.