New government ban on coal and wet wood for domestic burning - bio-bean


21st February 2020

New government ban on coal and wet wood for domestic burning

Today the UK government announced it is putting in place a ban in England on the sales of traditional house coal and wet wood for domestic burning. The ban will take effect in February 2021, though some suppliers will have a longer transition period through to February 2023.

We welcome the government’s plan as a significant step in the right direction for reducing reliance on carbon-heavy fossil fuels and cutting emissions contributing to climate change.

Specifically, the ban covers all pre-packaged traditional house coal sold through retailers, supermarkets and DIY stores. It also requires that wood sold in units under 2m3 (loose stacked) must have no more than 20% moisture content. Any wet wood sold in greater volumes than 2m3 will be required to come with educational information on how to dry the wood to ready it for burning.

In this shift toward further encouraging the use of less-polluting solid fuels, the changes require manufactured solid fuels to contain less than 2% sulphur and to emit less than 5g of smoke per hour. Our domestic solid fuel, Coffee Logs, meets those limits.

Made of recycled spent coffee grounds, Coffee Logs are designed for use in wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. They can be used instead of or alongside dry wood logs and, in fact, burn 20% hotter and longer than kiln-dried wood.

Coffee Logs reduce waste by reusing coffee grounds that would otherwise be discarded. And by recycling these grounds we save 80% on CO2e emissions compared to the grounds being sent to landfill.

Responding to today’s announcement, George May, Director and CCO of bio-bean, said: “We are pleased to see the government taking action given the urgent state of the climate crisis and see this as an opportunity for more innovative and sustainable solid fuels to gain further traction”.

Coffee Logs are available across the UK in major supermarkets, DIY retailers and garden centres. To learn more about Coffee Logs, visit our website.