Costa Coffee is extending partnership with bio-bean - bio-bean


18th June 2021

Costa Coffee is extending partnership with bio-bean

Costa Coffee, the Nation’s Favourite Coffee shop, has pledged to continue recycling its spent coffee grounds with us for a further two years, building on our successful partnership that started in 2016.

Rather than sending the grounds to a landfill, the around 1,500 Costa Coffee stores will segregate the spent coffee grounds before sending them to our recycling facility.

We then process and upcycle the grounds into various bio-products, including flavour ingredients for food and beverage manufacturing, as well as a bulk, raw material which displaces virgin or synthetic materials in a wide range of industrial applications, including (bio)plastics, cosmetics and automotive friction.

We also recycle the spent grounds into Coffee Logs: sustainable fire logs for use in domestic wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. The logs provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional solid fuels, and by recycling spent coffee grounds in this way, we save 80% on CO2e emissions compared to the grounds being sent to landfill, and 70% compared to the grounds being sent to an anaerobic digestion facility.

Our partnership with Costa gives a second life to the coffee grounds used to create millions of handcrafted coffees across the UK, maximising their potential as a resource that can be used again in circular and innovative ways.

A Costa Coffee spokesperson said: “We’re delighted to be extending our partnership with bio-bean for another two years, helping us further reduce our impact on the environment from bean to cup and beyond. We’re proud to be working with such an innovative company and together, over the past 5 years, have put thousands of tonnes of spent Costa coffee grounds to work, transforming them into sustainable, circular bio-based products.”

George May, our Managing Director, said: “Since our relationship began in 2016, Costa Coffee has been a leader in its efforts to reduce coffee ground waste, demonstrating an ever-increasing commitment to addressing the climate emergency through progressive and innovative partnerships like ours.

We’re thrilled that Costa has extended our partnership. We look forward to making the most of the relationship, recycling even more spent grounds, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the circular economy, and generally increasing our collective sustainable impact.”