Calling on our core values in times of crisis - bio-bean


30th April 2020

Calling on our core values in times of crisis

Times have changed. Dramatically. As with so many other businesses here in the UK and around the world, we’ve had to adapt to the rapid changes occurring on a near-daily basis and are continuing to adapt through this time of transition to a ‘new normal’… whatever shape that’s going to take.

Maintaining resilience, flexibility and agility during these unprecedented times has brought new challenges, and in this crisis our core values as a team matter more than ever.

At bio-bean we have five core values which we look to as guideposts for our decision making, ensuring that our actions are reflective of these, our culture and the purpose which defines us:

We are nurturing

We value every contribution. By listening to every perspective, we find the best solution. We are a family bound together by shared values and a shared mission. We talk and we listen, we support each other, we inspire each other, we succeed together and we celebrate together.

We have integrity

We are honest… and accountable. We are transparent about our achievements and our areas for improvement. We recognise that only by holding ourselves accountable for what we say and how we act can we build credibility in what we do and how we do it.

We keep the faith

We believe in each other. We are a team of experts; we each contribute excellence which, combined, helps us achieve our goals. By having faith in our and each other’s abilities, we collaborate to become greater than the sum of our parts. And by having faith in our mission, we drive real transformative change for our environment.

We are tenacious

We tackle our goals head on and we don’t take short cuts. As far reaching as our ambitions are, we are focused on delivering real change in the now. By continually improving our processes iteratively we value short-term strength as part of the equation of achieving our long-term goals.

We are ambitious

We challenge everything to be better. We have a vision for coffee recycling on a world-changing scale. We consistently challenge what we do and how we do it to ensure we are progressing towards our goal.

We’re proud of our team for demonstrating these values through their actions during the coronavirus crisis and are confident that our collective dedication to these values will help lead to longer-term sustainability for our company, our mission and our impact.