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22nd December 2022

bio-bean: 2022 in review

Each year we look back and review our triumphs and our challenges over the last 12 months. This year, there were some obvious ones that stood out…

  1. In January of this year we made the decision to remove the thin outer wax coating on Coffee Logs, making them even more sustainable. We’d used the coating as a protection layer to help maintain the logs’ integrity during transport to stores and homes, but knew we needed a more sustainable alternative. We’d searched for something suitable for years, and with no success decided to remove the wax layer all together. And by doing so we reduced our carbon footprint by 6%!
  2. Also early in the year we published the results of our new carbon lifecycle analysis, performed by independent, third-party firm Eunomia Research & Consulting. Their analysis shows that our overall carbon footprint is a net negative of -187kg CO2e per tonne of spent grounds. It also shows that when it comes to spent coffee grounds, our recycling solution really is the best disposal option. We save 228% more in greenhouse gas emissions compared to anaerobic digestion!
  3. Inficaf won recognition as a Top #21toWatch ‘Thing’ in 2022 in the cofinitive #21toWatch awards. And we recently won the Made in Britain Innovation of the Year award for the material. The judges remarked that we “stood out for actively choosing to engage across the industry to see how [we] could extend the use of [our] product and help other businesses address the negative impacts of their own products.”
  4. We partnered with global masterbatch compounder, Colloids, who have used Inficaf to create a coffee-based copolymer called BeaNused. By using Inficaf, they’re able to reduce the amount of conventional fillers and petroleum-based compounds typically used to create plastics. The coffee polymer has gone on to create reusable cups, signage, bottle caps, and more, with additional products in research and development.
  5. We also partnered with Lessonia, a global cosmetics designer and manufacturer. They’ve used Inficaf to create a coffee ground exfoliator for cosmetics and body care products, displacing the need for grounds from virgin green coffee beans.
  6. Coffee Logs have grown from strength to strength as an efficient, truly sustainable solid fuel. We added Tesco and ASDA to our list of retailers and now the logs are flying off the shelves in 4 major supermarkets, 2 DIY retailers, and hundreds of garden centres and independent shops across the UK.
  7. Our commitment to the environment helped us gain recognition for the second year running as a Best for the World B Corp. This means we scored in the top 5% in the Environment impact area out of all global B Corps in our size group.
  8. The environment is just one of our stakeholders. In October we published our first-ever impact report, highlighting some of our recent activities to continually improve our impact not just on our planet, but on people too.

Looking ahead to 2023

We can deliver our greatest impact by doing more of what we do best – processing greater volumes of spent coffee grounds. So one of our key areas of focus for the next year is exactly that.

We’re aiming to increase our average annual processing volume to 10,000+ tonnes. We have the capacity to do so already.

Inficaf is continuing to draw interest from the plastics and packaging industries, the cosmetics industry, automotive friction, foundry, and more. And given it has up to a 17-fold increase in greenhouse gas emissions savings potential compared to the alternative standard disposal method, another key area of focus for us is selling more of this material.

In 2023 we’ll also go through the B Corp recertification process, aiming for a score of above 110.

And as we always say, we’re nothing without our dedicated team. So internally, we’ll be focusing on continued development and upskilling.

We’ve a lot to be excited about moving into 2023. Here’s to a new year of creating even more sustainable impact!

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