Other Innovations - bio-bean

Other Innovations

Our product development team continues to exploit the compounds and characteristics of spent coffee grounds, with several innovative products in the pipeline.

The remaining natural chemical compounds within spent coffee grounds offer a wealth of industrial and commercial applications from oils to dyes to antioxidants, and even proteins.

About Other Innovations

Because brewing coffee grounds does not fully exhaust the natural chemical compounds contained within, there is significant value remaining in spent coffee grounds – value which to date has not yet been fully realised. We are working to ensure full value is extracted from these spent grounds, to reduce waste and push towards a circular economy.

Our product development team has several live projects currently underway which will deliver commercial-scale solutions and products for the displacement of virgin and synthetic materials. One such example is our involvement in an ongoing EU Horizon2020 project, in which we are collaborating with international partners to create new value chains for spent coffee grounds with a particular focus on bio-oils to bio-plastics.

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