About bio-bean

bio-bean is an award-winning clean technology company that has industrialised the process of turning waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals.

bio-bean provides both a waste collection service and a range of sustainable products – Coffee Logs, biomass pellets and biochemicals. 

bio-bean works with waste management partners to collect spent coffee grounds from businesses at every scale. These grounds are then gathered at a single site and transported in bulk to our pioneering factory in Cambridgeshire. Please see our Collection page for more details. 

bio-bean currently operates within the UK, primarily in London and Birmingham. bio-bean is also exploring opportunities for international expansion

The circular economy is about getting the most out of the resources available to us. bio-bean does this with coffee, by creating as many useful products as possible from the waste left over from your cup of coffee in the morning, that would otherwise be sent to landfill.  

There are two parts to this story. First, coffee grounds release methane gas when they break down in landfill sites. Methane has a greenhouse effect 28 times higher than carbon dioxide. By preventing coffee grounds from going to landfill, bio-bean is helping the UK reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Second, bio-bean takes this material and turns it into carbon-neutral advanced biofuels. These replace other fuels like coal and natural gas which release stores of carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. They also replace other wood fuels imported from around the world.

By creating carbon-neutral biofuels from waste that would otherwise end in landfill, bio-bean is helping businesses reduce their impact on the planet.

Advanced biofuels are typically defined as fuels made from plant material that a) are not grown on land that could be used to grow food; and b) constitute high greenhouse gas emissions savings compared to traditional biofuels (mainly wood) and fossil fuels