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bio-bean® was founded in 2013 on the firm belief that there is no such thing as waste, only resources in the wrong place.  We set out to extract the latent energy in waste coffee grounds and convert it into biofuels in a sustainable and commercially-viable way. Seven years on we are recycling thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds per year to produce a variety of sustainable, high-performance products derived from coffee grounds.

bio-bean is a small, dynamic, award-winning business with offices and factory in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, a research lab in Welwyn Garden City and a small office in Aldgate, London. We are passionate about our vision, values and people; we aim to be sustainable in everything we do whilst giving our people the space to grow and develop in a fast-moving and high-growth environment.

Latest job opportunities

National Supply Chain Manager

The Role:

bio-bean’s operations in the circular economy puts them in the unusual position of being both a consumer product manufacturing company and a B2B service provider.  At one end of the process bio-bean are selling a specialised recycling service to waste management companies and large café chains and other coffee waste producers, and at the other end are building a consumer brand and selling an FMCG product into UK retailers, and starting to make in-roads in Europe. In addition to this, bio-bean’s stated purpose to “get the world to think differently about waste”, means a desire to lead by example and inspire behaviour change at all levels from government policy through to individual consumer attitudes to a more sustainable way of living.

Key Responsibilities:

As National Supply Chain Manager you will work within commercial team with your focus being the growth of bio-bean’s feedstock pipeline ie increasing the volume of waste coffee grounds received at the factory.

In addition, you will:

·      Actively target large Waste Coffee Ground (WCG) contributors, directly and by collaborating with waste collection partners, waste brokers and facilities management companies.

·      Maintain and grow relationships with existing key WCG partners.

·      Manage relationships and maintain engagement with all current waste management collection partners.

·      Negotiate commercial terms with WCG partners.

·      Monitor and manage volumes delivered by all waste management collection partners.  Ensure the deliveries meet Health, Safety, Quality and Logistical requirements and monitor this through the quarterly feedstock delivery meeting with operations.

·      Manage all Feedstock reporting activity, with specific responsibility for forecasting and producing other ExCom reports, and for the monthly Feedstock Meeting with line manager (Head of Commercial Biofuels).

·      Overall responsibility for how Salesforce (CRM) is used for feedstock activity.

·      Ensure the Account Management process remains realistic and practical and review it every quarter.

·      Share structured reports and information with the Marketing & Comms for feedstock-related events and stories through the Feedstock & Marketing fortnightly meetings. Collaborate with Marketing & Comms to formulate targeted campaigns to raise awareness of services offered.

·      Attendance at tradeshows and industry events, including representing bio-bean at relevant presentation and panel opportunities.

·      Show a thorough understanding of the waste management landscape by keeping abreast of commercial news and regulatory requirements, with a view to understanding potential opportunities, threats and challenges to core business.

Reporting Lines and Working arrangements:

Reporting directly to the Head of Commercial Biofuels and working collaboratively with marketing & other members of the factory team.

Based in bio-bean’s Alconbury office with travel to meetings in London and across the UK, you will be required to show dedication and determination to complete all challenges facing your department. Travel in the UK and possibly abroad will be required.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to info@bio-bean.com.