Arch Climbing Wall joins the coffee recycling revolution

Arch Climbing Wall

Arch Climbing Wall joins the coffee recycling revolution

The Arch Climbing Wall – a multi-centre indoor climbing mecca in London – has sustainability at the forefront of its agenda. Two of the sites run entirely on renewable energy! Plus, the centres use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout, and they recycle the scrap metal from route setting. So when Joe Partridge, Sustainability Coordinator at Arch Climbing Wall, contacted bio-bean to learn more about how their waste coffee grounds could be recycled into biofuels, we were only too happy to help!

Joe, owner of Arch Climbing WallOriginally, The Arch threw away the spent grounds from the coffees sold on site. It all went into the general waste bin and was sent to landfill, where the grounds release nasty levels of CO2e emissions. But feedback from internal team workshops created a focus on finding a more sustainable way to dispose of the grounds. The Arch team considered combining the grounds in food waste collections, where they would eventually find their way to anaerobic digestion… A step in the right direction, for sure, and a better alternative to landfill. But it was still a choice that produces 70% more emissions than if the grounds were recycled with bio-bean.

So Joe got in touch with us to chat about how one of their sites in Bermondsey could get involved with trialling the segregated coffee collections.

The Arch partners with bio-bean and First Mile

bio-bean first mile collection truck

The climbing wall’s location and monthly waste coffee volumes lent itself to collection from First Mile, one of our waste management partners. So The Arch and First Mile agreed a collections schedule and began kerb-side collections.

With collections running smoothly at Building One, it wasn’t long until Joe reached out to get the second site in Burnt Oak set up with coffee grounds collections – an easy win as First Mile covers this area as well.

First Mile now collects waste coffee grounds from all three of the Arch Climbing sites, ready to transport to our factory in Alconbury to be manufactured into Coffee Logs and biomass pellets.

Since they partnered with us in October 2018, Arch Climbing Wall have thus far prevented over 570kg of waste coffee grounds from ending up in landfill! We’ve processed this coffee into 53 bags of Coffee Logs, displacing over 0.27 tonnes of coal from being burnt and saving more than 0.25 tonnes of CO2e from being emitted into the atmosphere. This equates to the emissions saving effects of 158 trees, or a 3-acre forest!

Arch Climbing WallDue to their sustainability efforts, The Arch has been nominated for a Sustainability in Sport award at the Green Heart Hero Awards 2019. The awards are organised by the Climate Coalition to celebrate the people and companies paving the way to a cleaner future. So it’s great that coffee recycling has contributed towards the nomination!

A huge thank you to everyone over at The Arch Climbing Wall for their enthusiasm and dedication to recycling the coffee across the whole of the company. We look forward to continuing our relationship and wish them all the best with the Green Heart Hero award!