Coffee Logs refreshed packaging

Coffee Logs refreshed packaging

We have always taken pride in how different Coffee Logs are compared to other fuel products. And the same applies to the packaging: Coffee Logs’ kraft paper and orange design stand out next to bags of coal and wood briquettes, while the PEFC certified, recyclable paper makes the bag as environmentally sustainable as the eco logs it contains.

However, having identified the need for some informational updates to the bag, earlier this year we commissioned the talented design agency Marmalade London to give our packaging a refresh. Marmalade had come up with the original design back in 2016:

The brief for the new look was to keep the kraft paper, distinctive orange stripe and logo from the original bag, but evolve the design to incorporate new visuals and iconography that would clearly communicate the product’s function and benefits.

The result: In the new design, Marmalade added an elegant flame containing the Coffee Logs logo, three icons that convey the benefits of Coffee Logs over other fuel products, black handles to match the logo, and a smart new typeface to explain the bio-bean story on the back and sides.

The upgraded Coffee Logs bag will soon hit the shelves of garden centres and supermarkets near you!

A look back…

As Coffee Logs approach their third winter season, we take a look at the evolution of these unique fuel briquettes, from concept in 2015 to best-selling fuel product in 2018…

Plain paper bags with stickers were used to send out the first samples of Coffee Logs to retailers.


In the early days of briquette production, bags were stitched by hand.


Coffee Logs were initially unwaxed, until we learned that adding a wax coating both makes them easier to both handle and ignite.

And today…

Coffee Logs 2018 edition – now with refreshed packaging and more durable, wax-coated logs that each burn for up to an hour. For more information and to find out where you can purchase Coffee Logs, click here.