bio-bean according to our newest team member

bio-bean according to our newest team member

By Katherine Murphy, Business Development and Account Executive

As a recent biological sciences graduate looking for a new opportunity, I came across bio-bean and was intrigued by the idea of creating new resources from coffee waste. So when an opportunity arose to work within the Feedstock team, I jumped at the chance. This is how I got on in my first couple of months at bio-bean…

When I arrived at bio-bean’s brand new offices in Aldgate, I received a warm welcome by the team, including Louie the office dog! And at true bio-bean pace, less than 24 hours later I was at my first event. Since then my calendar has been scattered with site visits, industry events and client meetings, each giving their own insight and different perspective to bio-bean and the industries in which it operates.

For anyone unfamiliar with the waste management and sustainability industries, as I was, both are areas where there is much to learn – and there can be a certain degree of confusion at first. I quickly discovered that MRF (pronounced Murph) isn’t just an abbreviation of my surname but also an acronym from Material Recovery Facility, and that RORO isn’t just a line from a popular children’s nursery rhyme but another acronym, this time for Roll On Roll Off skip.  

During my second week it was time to visit the factory at Alconbury. My lasting memory from my interview at Alconbury had been the humongous pile of waste coffee, ready to be processed once the factory was up and running. The site has continued to transform with every visit to Alconbury since then, with new machinery, modifications and pallets of Coffee Logs ready for shipping emerging each time. 

Holding various factory tours for our indispensable (pardon the pun!) waste management partners has been a great way to meet those helping us grow the coffee pile. It’s also useful way to keep track of site progressions from our site manager. 


I’ve also had the chance to meet providers of the all-important waste coffee grounds: the businesses that produce large volumes of coffee waste on their premises and send it to us for recycling. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about collection from their perspective, hearing about their expectations and any reservations they may have. It’s been a pleasure meeting so many people who are so enthusiastic about recycling their coffee, and helps us learn how we can tweak our services to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been attending events from industry pioneers like YFood and Cupclub. Combining these with learning how we use waste coffee at bio-bean, has really sparked my enthusiasm for working in a fast paced, innovative business that works hard to change practises for the benefit of the environment.