close-up of bees


This week, a swarm of bees turned up at our Alconbury factory in search of a new home.

We called the Huntingdonshire Beekeepers Association and were able to arrange for someone to come and collect the bees. The bees were coaxed gradually a wooden hive box containing sweet treats. Our bio-bees have now been rehoused with a local beekeeper who had a brand new hive ready and waiting.

We also found out some interesting facts about bee swarms:

  • A bee swarm is a mass of bees clustered together on a post, tree or other structure. It’s a natural occurrence, most often found in Spring and the swarm may remain there for only a few minutes or as long as a few days while the bees look for a new home.
  • Swarming bees are not dangerous – they should be left alone and not sprayed with a hose, smoke or insecticide. If left alone, the bees shouldn’t harm you.
  • Bees are having a pretty tough time at the moment – weather conditions this winter means there are less colonies this year.
  • Most areas will have a local beekeeping club whose members are willing to collect swarms of bees and give them a new home. Find out more about what to do if you find a swarm here.