10 reasons why you should be burning Coffee Logs this winter

the burning of coffee logs

10 reasons why you should be burning Coffee Logs this winter

We at bio-bean know why we’d choose our Coffee Logs over other fuels.

But we also know there’s a tiny chance that we’re a bit biased, so we challenged ourselves to come up with 10 really good reasons why you should be burning Coffee Logs this winter…

1. Coffee Logs make the UK’s coffee habit more sustainable – both environmentally and economically. Coffee is a fantastic drink that fuels our day, tastes amazing and overall makes the world a better place. But it also creates a lot of waste – each espresso-based coffee creates about 25 grams of waste coffee grounds. In making Coffee Logs, we’re diverting this waste from landfill (a waste disposal method which is both environmentally disastrous and expensive for businesses). Using Coffee Logs therefore helps us keep recycling coffee, and positively impacting the cafe industry – so you can continue to enjoy drinking coffee long into the distant future.

2. Coffee Logs burn like wood – but better! They contain more energy, and less moisture, than seasoned wood. The result is that they’ll keep your home warmer, for longer.

3. They’re versatile: they can be used in woodburners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires and chimineas, and will burn just fine in combination with other fuels like wood, coal and briquettes.

4. Even the packaging is recyclable. Each bag of 16 Coffee Logs is made from strong, portable and recyclable paper (alternatively, it can be used as your firelighter).

5. They smell a little bit of coffee – but not too much. There’s a faint whiff as you open the bag, but most of it’s gone by the time the grounds have been processed, dried and compressed at our factory. And as much as we love a good coffee aroma, we think even the most dedicated coffee addicts might get fed up with their living room smelling like a Starbucks…

6. They’re made in Britain, from waste that’s created in Britain. Even the sawdust that’s added to the logs to help them bind is a waste product sourced near our factory in Cambridgeshire.

7. They leave hardly any ash residue, because they’re so full of energy – so there’s less mess to clean up in your woodburner or fireplace.

8. They’re carbon neutral. Coffee plants absorb CO2 as they grow, and use it to photosynthesise. As long as the world keeps consuming coffee (a habit we don’t see ending any time soon), the amount of emissions associated with burning Coffee Logs will always be absorbed by the next generation of coffee plants.

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9. Even better, they’re a second-generation biofuel because they’re made of waste. Unlike first-generation biofuels (made from specially grown crops), second-gen biofuels don’t take up any land or contribute emissions associated with land-use change. Instead, they’re made of a waste destined for landfill – so it’s a double saving, environmentally speaking.

10. Last but by no means least: they’re good value for money. We think making the sustainable purchasing choice should also be logical and cost-effective, so you can get 16 logs for as little as £6.99 via our retail partners.

Do you agree with us (and Kevin McCloud) that Coffee Logs are wonderfuel? Let us know!