Decarbonising Growth

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Decarbonising Growth

The latest report by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) has fundamentally undermined the last remaining vestiges of the climate sceptic’s argument. To all intents and purposes, we’ve proved the planet is warming, we’ve proved it’s caused by human activity and now we’ve finally demonstrated that avoiding this crisis doesn’t have to come at the cost of economic growth.

In other words – it’s possible to decouple economic growth from CO2 emissions and the UK is leading the way.

The ECIU report investigates the correlation between per capita GDP growth and CO2 emissions in the G7 countries since they signed the UN climate convention in 1992.

Since then, all seven countries have seen impressive per capita GDP growth with even the slowest, Japan, growing by more than 80%. Traditionally it was assumed that his would inevitably lead to more emissions, yet five of the G7 nations have successfully cut their per capita CO2 emissions over the same period.G7 GDP

The UK has led the way in both respects as our GDP per capita grew by 130% while per capita greenhouse gas emissions fell by 33%. As a result, the UK’s carbon intensity – the amount of CO2 it takes to produce one unit of GDP – is the best of all G7 countries, falling by 53% over the period.

Per capita CO2 emissions - 1992 - 2014

This news comes as no surprise here at bio-bean. We are founded on the principle that the sustainable choice is the logical choice – that reducing waste and CO2 emissions presents enormous economic opportunities.

That’s why we’re saving businesses money on their waste collection costs while reducing their carbon footprint. That’s why our Coffee Logs are more sustainable while being better value than many traditional alternatives.

We are extremely proud of the role the UK is playing in the race to decarbonise our economy and are determined to what we can to further decouple economic growth from environmental impact.