Canary Wharf creates Clean Coffee Zone with bio-bean

Canary Wharf creates Clean Coffee Zone with bio-bean

This month marks the start of the world’s first Clean Coffee Zone on the Canary Wharf Estate. As part of this scheme, bio-bean will collect the waste coffee grounds produced by the 900,000 people who visit the site each week.

bio-bean works with waste management company, Cawley’s, who collect waste coffee grounds from the 300 coffee shops, bars and restaurants on the estate. This is then compacted and sent on to bio-bean’s pioneering factory near Cambridge.

Our CEO and founder, Arthur Kay, said – “This exciting new partnership means the waste grounds from the coffee that warms the visitors to Canary Wharf in the morning could soon be heating their home in the evenings – all while helping London reduce its carbon footprint.”

bio-bean expects this latest partnership to yield another 300 tonnes of waste coffee grounds a year, which will be processed into biochemicals and high performance biofuels like our new Coffee Logs.