New partnership with Costa Coffee

Costa press release

New partnership with Costa Coffee

Towards the end of this year, bio-bean began a nationwide partnership with Costa Coffee to collect and recycle 3000 tonnes of waste coffee a year from over 800 of their cafés. This amounts to over 75 million cups of coffee a year.

Costa Coffee energy and environment manager Oliver Rosevear said: “This partnership will put thousands of tonnes of Costa coffee grounds to work, transforming them from a waste material into sustainable, clean fuels.”

He explained that the partnership with bio-bean will deliver “significant cost reductions” in Costa’s waste disposal process, as sending the coffee to bio-bean is cheaper than using alternative waste disposal methods such as incinerators or anaerobic digestion plants.

“Historically we have always managed our waste grounds with our food waste, which goes to anaerobic digestion,” he said. “That’s a good start, but we always looked at coffee grounds as being a slightly more valuable material.”

The partnership applies only to stores Costa owns and manages itself, although Rosevear added the firm is “already in discussion” with its network of franchisees and other partners to join.

This deal represents a significant scaling up of bio-bean’s waste collections, sending more feedstock to our factory in Cambridgeshire, which can handle up to 50,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds every year.

Our CEO and founder, Arthur Kay is now calling for cooperation with other UK businesses that produce coffee waste to embrace our circular economy solution.

“This technology will save Costa thousands of pounds and reduce emissions – and where Costa have led we hope other companies can follow,” Kay said. “We want to work with every other UK business producing waste coffee grounds to save them money whilst cutting their carbon-footprint”.