There is no such thing as waste

Hand holding pile of coffee grounds

There is no such thing as waste

The circular economy spells the end of waste…

The circular economy is built on the premise of no waste. This compels people to rethink and redesign economic systems in a sustainable way that doesn’t compromise the future. Perhaps, at some point, waste will no longer have a place in our vocabulary. If we can innovate processes that can efficiently redesign, repurpose and reuse waste, this future could be closer than we think. Zero-waste initiatives are springing up all over the city of London as businesses wake up to the potential value.

The near future is likely to see a period of optimisation, as initiatives and companies drive products up the waste hierarchy, as defined by DEFRA. Cities of the future could have entirely integrated waste management structures, invisible to inhabitants but incredibly efficient in extracting maximum value from waste. Over time, this will become the norm, with landfill being considered an archaic and outdated practice of the past.

bio-bean creates scalable processes for recycling organic waste into sustainable products. As such the company bridges waste management, green energy, clean technology and urban design. You can see bio-bean CEO, Arthur Kay, talk at TEDx about future cities, urban design and the global impact of local changes.