bio-bean at The Energy Summit

Arthur Kay at the Economist's energy summit

bio-bean at The Energy Summit

Arthur Kay sat on a panel at The Economist Energy Summit.

Arthur Kay, bio-bean’s CEO, was invited to The Economist Energy Summit to partake in a panel discussion entitled: The Role of Technology in the Energy Business of the Future.

The Economist Events is the leading provider of international forums that deliver objective and informed analysis. The events are a highly respected brand with a 162-year history and an unrivalled reputation for excellence and independence. The event was held at The Hac.

The Energy Summit 2015 brought together senior representatives from the supermajors, the smaller independents and national oil companies with executives in the power, utility and renewable sectors; together with policy makers, economists and academics to discuss and debate the future of the energy business and provide some clarity on what it will look like 15 years from now.

The panel was chaired by The Economist’s own Senior Editor, Edward Lucas. He led the panel to discuss how technological change has dramatically changed the face of the energy industry and how the future evolution of technology could further influence the industry. They debated if we indeed should be investing and which new technologies are likely to change the face of the industry moving forward. They debated whether green technologies should continue to be subsidised: whether one technology merits more investment than others and what technologies we will be using in 2030.

Arthur brought to attention how technology can and will play a huge role in our transition into a circular economy, and how it will be the key to us viewing waste as a valuable resource and turning the challenges of urbanisation into opportunities.

To see photos of the panel discussion please follow the link here.