Sustainability Week

Arthur Kay talks

Sustainability Week

bio-bean @ The Hospital Club’s Sustainability Week. 


bio-bean’s CEO Arthur Kay spoke at the Hospital Club’s Sustainability Week, presented by Planet First. Paul G. Allen, owner of The Hospital Club, said: “The Hospital Club was launched to connect people and foster an exchange of ideas. Through efforts like Sustainability Week, the Club brings community groups together to discuss and share how we can be more responsible global citizens and make the world a better place.”


Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First added that The Sustainability Week was “the first time such a powerful group of speakers have come together to challenge and inspire.” Planet First, in partnership with the Eden Project, provide ‘The Planet Mark certification’ to businesses, buildings and projects that are committed to improving their sustainability.


The seven-day programme, which ran from 14th to 20th November, focused on a different theme each day, including climate change, smart cities, green entrepreneurs and sustainable foods. Arthur Kay spoke on the green entrepreneur day on how to ‘seize an opportunity’. He explains how he decided to act on an idea that came to him when he realised how much coffee was being wasted. He said: “The conceptual leap here was to simply turn this problem on its head. I started with the simple premise that there is no such thing as waste, simply resources in the wrong place. In two years, bio-bean has become the first company in the world to industrialise turning waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.”


He inspires us to believe that if we begin to see challenges as solutions we all have the chance to design tomorrow today. And in the entrepreneurial spirit of the day he encouraged his audience by saying: “My key advice for others seeking to commercialise their innovations is rigour. Being new and innovative only becomes widely-adopted through persistence and diligence”.


To discover more about what happened over the course of the whole week follow this link. The event was also in partnership with Connect 4 Climate a community launched by The World Bank, to find out more about what they do please visit their website.