bio-bean in the press

wired 2015

bio-bean in the press

bio-bean in Mashable, WIRED, Gizmag.


Interviewed by Mashable, bio-bean CEO Arthur Kay said that he hopes to “continue spreading the message that it’s up to our generation to design tomorrow today, whilst turning the challenges of urbanisation into opportunities.” Mashable commented that this is “something we can all raise our cappuccino to.” The article was shared 11,500 times!


Tech leaders WIRED hold an annual two-day celebration of the innovators, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs who are reinventing our world. Arthur Kay, a 2015 WIRED Innovation fellow, spoke at the event, highlighting that the bio-bean factory can process 50,000 tonnes each year, the equivalent of 100 cups of coffee every second.


Gizmag also got behind the bio-bean idea and explained that “coffee waste as a biofuel feedstock has several advantages. It doesn’t compete with food crops in the same way as first-generation biofuels made from corn or palm oil. It’s also in constant and readily available supply, as long as cities throughout the modern world maintain their caffeine habits.”


Collectively announced: “Sorry oil and gas. We’ve had enough of you. Make way for coffee – the smarter, cleaner, altogether nicer-smelling energy source for our cities!” They describe it as a macchiato hit for heating buildings.