Arthur Kay at WIRED2015

Arthur Kay at Wired 2015

Arthur Kay at WIRED2015

Arthur Kay at WIRED2015.


bio-bean’s CEO, Arthur Kay, was named a WIRED Innovation Fellow earlier this year. After a feature about bio-bean appeared in WIRED earlier this year, Arthur was invited to speak at WIRED2015 and WIRED Next Generation.  


The WIRED2015 event was set up to showcase innovators who are changing the world and promoting disruptive thinking and radical ideas. bio-bean interfaces with existing waste management infrastructure to divert waste coffee grounds from landfill and incineration, driving behaviour change.


However, bio-bean also has a bigger picture message. Arthur Kay commented: “Disrupting existing systems means a change in the way we understand cities. Our future lies with turning the challenges of urbanisation into opportunities. bio-bean links food, waste and energy to create a closed-loop, circular economy process.”


At WIRED, Arthur said that he started bio-bean in the “spirit of curiosity, creativity and innovation. bio-bean is a blend of art and science, so recognition from WIRED is an incredible honour that really reflects the hard work of so many people.”


You can watch Arthur’s full speech here, and find more information encompassing the full event on the WIRED2015 website. To learn more about the circular economy, please visit the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.