Arthur Kay at TEDx

Arthus Kay at TEDx

Arthur Kay at TEDx

Arthur Kay, bio-bean’s CEO, spoke at TEDx Hackney. 


Arthur was invited to speak at TEDx Hackney’s event entitled ‘The Future of Food’ as part of London Food Tech WeekThis was the second TEDx talk that Arthur has given during 2015, with a previous speech at TEDx Warwick entitled ‘Designing Tomorrow, Today.’


The Hackney event brought together a host of inspirational speakers presenting an amalgamation of ideas around the topic of ‘The Future of Food’. Is it a terraformer? A market force? A social enabler? A fuel source? A saviour? Or more simply a pleasure to enjoy?


Arthur’s talk explored the idea of how coffee and vibrant cities are connected. He encourages people to begin thinking about urbanisation in a different way. He reveals that although we refer to climate change as ‘global warming’ cities are actually responsible for over 80% of the world’s carbon emissions. And if it is generated in cities we can begin to change it for the better in them as well.


He persuades us that “instead of viewing them as grand, permanent structures; fixed systems that do not evolve. We should view them as organisms, with their systems open to being retrofitted and reformed.” He comments that everybody has the “the power to create, to innovate, to disrupt the status quo, and leave their city, wherever it happens to be, greater, better, and more beautiful than it was before.”

You can watch all the fantastic talks of the day on youtube, and specifically Arthur Kay’s idea worth spreading here.