About bio-bean

bio-bean is an award-winning clean technology company that has industrialised the process of turning waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.

bio-bean was founded by Arthur Kay and has grown to a company of over 40 people. You can learn more about the bio-bean team here.

bio-bean works with coffee waste producers to deliver waste coffee grounds to the bio-bean factory, where they are recycled into biomass pellets, briquettes and, in the near future, biodiesel.

bio-bean’s biomass pellets are used for heating buildings. Briquettes are used in woodburners, chimineas and open fires. Biodiesel is used to power transport systems.

bio-bean currently operates within the UK but is exploring international expansion.

London’s coffee shops and instant coffee factories produce over 200,000 tonnes of coffee waste every year. The UK wastes over 500,000 tonnes and global coffee waste is in excess of 25 million tonnes per annum.

Advanced biofuels

Advanced biofuels are 2nd generation biofuels that displace fossil fuels and 1st generation biofuels. bio-bean recycles waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.

bio-bean creates three types of advanced biofuels; biomass pellets used for heating buildings, briquettes for heating homes and biodiesel used in transport systems.

bio-bean’s advanced biofuels are carbon neutral, sustainable and locally produced. They are cost-competitive, displace fossil fuels and increase energy security.

bio-bean has built the world’s first waste coffee recycling factory. To learn more, please watch Powered by Coffee.

bio-bean diverts waste coffee grounds from landfill, incineration and anaerobic digestion, creating valuable products and lowering CO2 emissions. By working with waste management companies to collect waste coffee grounds, economies of scale in transport further reduce environmental impact of the business.

bio-bean operates a sophisticated supply chain, collecting waste coffee grounds from over 300 locations throughout the UK in collaboration with waste management companies. Wherever possible, bio-bean sells advanced biofuels directly back to coffee waste producers.

Please contact us directly to discuss further.


bio-bean works with waste management companies to deliver waste coffee grounds to its coffee recycling factory. Learn more about becoming one of bio-bean’s collection partners here.

bio-bean recycles waste coffee grounds into biomass pellets  and briquettes for heating buildings and, in the near future, biodiesel for powering transport systems.

bio-bean offers substantial commercial and environmental advantages to all partners and clients. To become a partner, please fill out this form and to purchase advanced biofuels please contact bio-bean.

bio-bean collects waste coffee grounds from coffee factories, transport hubs, office blocks, restaurants and coffee shops throughout the UK. To enquire about waste coffee collection, please contact us.

bio-bean works with coffee waste producers at every scale. The company doesn’t currently work with consumers, but may do in the future. To find out if bio-bean can collect your waste coffee grounds please submit an enquiry.

Each partner has different requirements, please contact bio-bean directly for more information.