Circular Living Exhibition | Advanced Biofuels

Circular Living Exhibition | Advanced Biofuels

Piloting the move towards a circular economy within the coffee industry.

Examples of bio-bean’s advanced biofuels are currently on display at The Building Centre as part of the Circular Living exhibition, a collaboration between the engineering firm Arup and The Built Environment Trust. The Building Centre stated that the exhibition has been created to “explore the state-of-the-art products inspired by the circular economy”.

A circular economy exists where resource use is optimised, natural capital is reserved and waste is reduced or, at the very least, postponed. The current linear approach to enjoying a simple cup of coffee is unsustainable and in desperate need of a re-think. Continuing to operate on a take-make-dispose model will inevitably begin to destroy our planet faster than it can recover. The UK’s coffee industry alone produces over 500,000T of waste coffee grounds each year, a figure which continues to climb as the ever-popular coffee culture expands. This costs companies £80mn each year in disposal and releases millions of tonnes of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. bio-bean is taking action and aiming to shift the coffee industry from a linear system to a circular one by providing not only a service (in the form of low cost waste collection) and a range of sustainable products (Coffee Logs, biomass pellets and biodiesel).

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