Green aeroplane set to launch in Rio

Green aeroplane set to launch in Rio

Could this be the aeroplane of the future? 

The green aeroplane of the future will tackle some of aviation’s biggest environmental challenges including fuel efficiency, noise and plane washing, and it takes off in Brazil after the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The Embraer E170 is the prototype unveiled by Boeing and its Brazilian manufacturers in the latest phase of its ecoDemonstrator programme to develop sustainable solutions and reduce the environmental impact of air travel. Among the advances is the use of Brazilian biofuel, comprising 10% bio-kerosene and 90% fossil kerosene.

Tim Johnson, director of the UK-based Aviation Environment Federation (AEF), says, “The real challenge for aviation biofuel is how production can be scaled up to make even a small dent in the industry’s consumption of fuel that generated nearly 750 million tonnes of carbon monoxide last year worldwide.”