Portable espresso?

Portable espresso?

Wacaco Minipresso: a game-changer for coffee lovers on the go?

On first opening the box, the six separate parts appear slightly daunting. However, after taking two minutes to actually read the instructions, it is fairly self-explanatory and takes no time at all to produce a delicious espresso. The size of a small thermos, the Minipresso machine is compact and streamlined, to easily fit in your rucksack or handbag, and it feels solid and well-made.

The coffee produced tastes fresh and there is a satisfying ‘crema’ on the surface. You don’t get a huge amount but it is so quick and easy that you can always go for round two. One tip: if you have the time and the hot water to spare, it is worth flushing hot water through the Minipresso before you make your coffee to ensure that your espresso is piping hot.

If we’re being practical about it, it’s not entirely portable. You still need to carry a thermos or heat your water and you also need to take the ground coffee or Nespresso pods with you. However, in the right circumstances, this little contraption is utter genius: sitting in the office when you can’t face another mug of instant coffee; camping in the woods with the time to boil some water over a gas stove while you pull the guy ropes tight; roadtripping in a caravan with access to a kettle and ground coffee; or sitting on the riverbank when you just need one caffeine boost to get that fish on the line!
So, if you can’t live without that crucial caffeine boost, this sleek and easy-to-use contraption could be a revelation.